· November, 2005

Stories about U.S.A. from November, 2005

Haiti on the Internet – a chat with Alice Eddie Backer

  26 November 2005

Haitian American blogger Alice Eddie Backer My conversation with Nicholas Laughlin about the Caribbean blogosphere has elicited some strong reactions from Caribbean bloggers. Haitian-American blogger Alice Eddie Backer, a lawyer based in New York, first came to my attention when she answered my appeal for more Haitian bloggers. Alice then...

A taste of the Caribbean blogosphere

  11 November 2005

Barbados Titlayo's view of noted Barbadian poet Edward Kamau Braithwaite “as some sort of iconic academic abstract figure” is altered by the poet's accounts of his fight to hold on to his house and land. Belize Manolo Romero reports that “celebrated Belizean writer” John Walter is doing well after undergoing...

Mexico: Día de los Muertos

  2 November 2005

November 1st and 2nd mark Mexico's holiday, Día de los Muertos, or “Day of the Dead.” Calypso Mexico describes celebrating the days in a small colonia in Vera Cruz, emphasizing that “Dia de los Muertos is about remembering your loved ones that have passed from this world. It is NOT...