· August, 2005

Stories about U.S.A. from August, 2005

Khmer Dance

  20 August 2005

khmer dance

Video of a Cambodian dance troupe performing a blessing dance at the opening of the Lowell Water Festival, one of the largest Southeast Asian festivals in the US, organized jointly by the local Cambodian, Lao, Vietnamese and Thai communities.

USA: Should Public Libraries be English-Only?

  12 August 2005

In the city of Denver, Colorado, there's an ugly fight breaking out over whether public libraries should provide books and other materials in Spanish. Anti-immigration groups argue that publicly funded libraries should be English-only, while library supporters retort that curtailing Spanish-language content is discriminatory and doesn't reflect the ever-changing population demographics of the United States.

USA: Money Talks

6 August 2005

Desert Island Boy says that Caterpillar was the poster child for an American corporation that made money on the occupation of Palestinian territories. A number of American Christian congregations are saying they won't stand for it, nor will they stand to benefit from it!

The human cost of one penny less

  6 August 2005

Americans love a deal, and these days, thanks to the fast-paced global marketplace and big discount retailers, products are better and cheaper than ever. But what price do people in faraway places pay so Americans can get their bargains in stores like Wal-Mart?