· December, 2007

Stories about North America from December, 2007

Climate Change 2007: Pre-conference views and first impressions of Bali

  3 December 2007

As the UN climate change conference begins in Bali, we step back a few days to see what bloggers had to say. From Gristmill in America, David Roberts celebrated Australia's recent support of the Kyoto protocol, saying Ever since I was hired at Grist, I've been writing that every developed...

Algeria: Sudan's Teddy Bear

  3 December 2007

“In lieu of a recent case of tomfoolery in Sudan, the American Islamic Congress, a great American Muslim organization (with which I am quite friendly), put out the following press release, which is well worth reading and has been reproduced throughout the media,” writes Algerian Nouri, who posts the Press...

Egypt: Annapolis Adieu

  1 December 2007

"Annapolis, Annapolis, this name is haunting me everywhere I go - in newspapers and blogs and on TV. For me, Annapolis seems to be a Greek city near The Acropolis, or something. But the truth is, it is an American city where a peace conference was held between the Arabs, Israelis, and Americans," writes Tarek Amr, who gives us a new perspective on the peace talks.