· May, 2007

Stories about North America from May, 2007

Iraq: Diyala Update

“Diyala has arguably become the most dangerous place for both Iraqis and Americans. The recent crimes of al-Qaeda and affiliated groups in recent months in this province have cost tragic losses among Iraqi civilians, Iraqi security forces and American soldiers,” writes Omar in Iraq The Model.

Jordan: Sheehan Quits

Jordanian blogger Hareega, who is based in the US, bids farewell to Cindy Sheehan. “Yesterday she announced that she was tired and she quit her anti-war activism. She said that her son died “for nothing”. About 54% of the CNN readers today agree with her,” he notes.

Algeria: More on the Pew Survey

Algerian blogger Nouri continues to discuss the Pew Survey on American Muslims. “Rather than posting a lengthy analysis of the entire survey, I will mention some of the interesting questions and answers, and my response and my view of some of the results,” he explains.

Colombia: Reactions to Paramilitary Chief's “Confession”

  29 May 2007

Colombian bloggers react to the testimony provided by paramilitary chief Salvatore Mancuso, in which he implicated many of the Colombian powerful and elite. Some think he should not be believed, while others would rather give him the benefit of the doubt, as the revelations could be a first step in finding who is responsible.

Bahrain: Burning Books is Depressing

Bint Battuta from Bahrain is distressed that books are being burned in the US because readers are on the decline. “I can think of so many schools, libraries, and community groups that would appreciate the 20 000 books that this store owner plans to burn… And yes, the places I'm...

Iraq: US and Iran Meet Over Iraq

“Iranian and American officials (their ambassadors to Baghdad as far as I know) will meet to talk tomorrow in Baghdad. The dialogue, however, started about a week ago…. I'm honestly not expecting much good from such meetings, not in the foreseeable future because the tone of their dialogue on the...

Syria: Lebanon is Boiling

Writing from Syria, Mustafa Hamido says: “Lebanon is boiling. It is the filed of all conflicts in the world. When US tried to prove its strength in the world after its clear defeat in Iraq went to Lebanon and has supported anti-Eastern powers which includes an important portion of Christian...

Americas: Copa America Blog

  23 May 2007

For fans of the “beautiful game”, a new blog site dedicated to the biennual football tournament, the Copa America, will come as a welcome surprise. The Copa America 07 Blog will feature news and stories about the South American national teams and guests, that will participate in this tournament in...

Palestine: Impeach Bush

According to Palestinian blogger Haitham Sabbah 88 per cent of the nearly half million people who responded to a new MSNBC poll agreed that US President George W Bush should be impeached and said: “Yes, between the secret spying, the deceptions leading to war and more, there is plenty to...

Iraq: US Troop Movement

Iraqi blogger LadyBird shares the latest rumours on the mobilisation of US troops in Iraq here. “Information came right now from Iraq that US occupation forces are moving all their heavy machineries and tanks into Al-Kut Airbase in south Iraq. No more details and not confirmed yet but this come...

Arabeyes: What's Happening at the Daily Kos?

Pro-Israel and pro-Palestine bloggers have been battling it out at the Daily Kos for quite some time. And then came Al Nakba, or the catastrophe, as the pro-Palestinian camp refers to it - when Pro-Palestine diarist were allegedly banned from cross-posting their diaries on the DKos. New rules of engagement have since been penned and bloggers' attempts to wave the olive branch may open a new chapter of relations between citizen journalists from the two opposing camps.

Lebanon: Fighting Update

Lebanese blogger Abu Kais updates us on the latest fighting in Lebanon between the Lebanese Army and Fateh el Islam. “The Siniora government is waging this war with the support of the international community and the Arab League, which issued a statement supporting the army's operation. The ‘opposition’, meanwhile, continues...

Bahrain: Censoring Flesh

Bahraini blogger emoodz jumped the gun and accused a daily paper of censoring ‘flesh’. He later amended his error when another blogger Cradle of Humanity pointed out that American anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan in fact dressed up in long sleeves.

Korea: A Soldier's Death

  22 May 2007

On the 19th, a twenty-seven year old Korean soldier in Iraq was discovered dead. He was shot at a barber shop in Zaytun, where Korean soldiers stationed. It was the first death of a Korean soldier in Iraq since Korea arrived in 2004. While the media and army guess the...

Iraq: Al Jazeera Bending to US Pressure

Iraqi blogger Lady Bird claims that Qatari-based Al Jazeera is being forced to bend to pressure from the US. “Reported today the board members of Aljazeera were removed [including Chief director Wadah Khanfar] and a totally new board was established appointed by the Emir of Qatar directly.The rumors are that...

Serbia, Russia, U.S.: Kosovo

Mark MacKinnon quotes William Montgomery, “the U.S. ambassador who headed the efforts to oust Slobodan Milosevic seven years ago,” on the current Kosovo situation: “Montgomery's point […] isn't that Kosovo should never receive the extra autonomy its people are demanding. He's asking why Washington and Moscow are hurtling towards a...

Israel: Daily Kos Bans Palestinian Bloggers

Jerusalem-based blogger DesertPeace announces : “In their continuing ‘War Against Truth, Justice and The American Way’ Daily Kos banned two other writers who dared to speak the truth. My dear Brother Haitham of Sabbah's Blog and my Sister Nancy of Umkalil.”