· April, 2013

Stories about Yemen from April, 2013

Yemeni General Apologizes for 1994 Civil War on Facebook

  30 April 2013

Waving flags of a country that once existed, thousands assembled in former cities that used to make up South Yemen on 27 April 2013, to commemorate the day the north declared war on their people and occupied their land, nineteen years ago. The same day, the President's chief military advisor issued an apology on Facebook for all "unjust wars" declared by former President Saleh's regime.

Saudis Debate 1,000-Mile Yemen Border Fence

  22 April 2013

Earlier this month, BBC reported that Saudi Arabia is building a 1,000-mile fence on its border with Yemen. The news was barely reported in Saudi national press, but it was widely and critically reported in Yemeni press. The development was debated tensely in the Saudi Twittersphere. Supporters cited its absolute necessity for the safety of the kingdom while opponents spoke about the tighter siege it will impose on the Yemeni people.

#Yemen: A US Drone Hits Dhamar

  18 April 2013

After a three month break in Yemen from U.S drone strikes, a drone last night, April 18th, 2013, killed five Qaeda suspects. Activist and journalist Farae Al-muslimi, from the village of Wessab, in the province of Dhamar, broke the news of the US drone strike, on Twitter.

Caution as Yemen Hands Diplomatic Immunity to Top Military

  12 April 2013

Yemeni President Abdrabuh Mansur Hadi has removed former president Ali Abdullah Saleh's son Ahmed, the head of the Republican Guard, and appointed him as ambassador to the United Arab Emirates, Saleh's nephew Ammar, the deputy intelligence chief, was appointed military attache in Ethiopia, Ammar's brother, Tareq Yahia, head of the Presidential Guard, was appointed as military attache in Germany. Removing the Saleh's relatives from power has been an major challenge in restructuring Yemen's military, and an obstacle to the transitional government. Netizens react.

Yemen Court Summons Investigative Reporter

  9 April 2013

“Yemen’s Press and Publications Court (YPPC) has issued a summon statement against prominent investigative journalist, Mohammed Abdo Alabsi, to appear before court and interrogate him for his investigative reports,” writes Yemeni Afrah Nasser. According to Nasser, Alabsi is being interrogated for a report involving corruption in the treatment of those...