· January, 2013

Stories about Yemen from January, 2013

On Inauguration Day, US Drones Strike Yemen

  22 January 2013

Barack Obama was sworn in for a second term as President of the United States yesterday [Jan 21, 2013]. Ironically while the crowd was cheering his inauguration line “A decade of war is now ending”, more than three drone strikes hit Yemen. Monday was also Martin Luther King's Day. Many tweeps said that while King had a dream, Obama has a drone.

Reconciliation Day in Southern Yemen

  14 January 2013

Thousands of people from all six southern provinces in southern Yemen flocked to the city of Aden over the past few days in order to participate in the carnival of "reconciliation and forgiveness". The carnival commemorates the civil war in former South Yemen which took place in 1986.

TEDxSanaa: Inspiring Hope In Yemen

  2 January 2013

Despite the turbulent year Yemen experienced in 2012, a group of Yemenis worked very hard to end the year on a positive note. The TEDxSanaa team succeeded in staging, for the first time in Yemen, an inspirational TEDx event in Sanaa on December 31 under the befitting slogan “Inspiring Hope.”