· June, 2012

Stories about Yemen from June, 2012

Yemen: Electricity Woes in Yemen

  28 June 2012

Electricity, food and water are basic human rights and have been the main demands of the majority of Yemenis long before the revolution started and still continue to be so. Nothing seems to have changed with the overthrow of former president Ali Abdullah Saleh and living conditions only seem to get worse under the new National Consensus Government.

Yemen: Attacks on Southern Yemen Jeopardize National Dialogue

  24 June 2012

While a National Dialogue is under way to discuss many of Yemen's issues, central security forces attacked Mansoura's square, where separatist activists staged sit-in protests for over a year, destroying their tents and using live ammunition to disperse them, killing and injuring some.

Yemen: $audi Influence Explained

The influence of Yemen's rich and powerful neighbor on it's internal affairs is no secret. Saudi Arabia's interference has been felt among Yemenis for decades. Now Yemenis have a list of politicians and tribal leaders said to be on Saudi Arabia's payroll. See how Yemeni netizens react in this post by Noon Arabia.

Yemen: The Sheikh, Women and the NYT

  6 June 2012

Yemeni netizens are enraged by Sheikh Hamid Al-Ahmar, a member of Al Islah’s political leadership, who allegedly made an offensive statement regarding Yemeni revolutionary women to the New York Times. On Twitter, the battle rages as the Sheikh denies he made the comments and the newspaper is yet to show proof of what it says he said.