· November, 2011

Stories about Yemen from November, 2011

Yemen: Reuters Yields to the Power of Twitter!

  18 November 2011

Yemeni netizens scored big time when their Twitter campaign 'Shame on Reuters' pressured the international news organisation to stop its stringer Muhammad Sudam, who has also been the Yemeni President's personal translator and secretary since 2009, from reporting.

Yemen: Netizens Accuse Reuters of Biased Reporting

  13 November 2011

Many people were shocked to find out that the reputable and trusted source of news Reuters, has employed Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh's personal translator and secretary since 2009, Mohammed Sudam, as its manager in Yemen and head correspondent.

Yemen: Taiz is Bleeding while the UN Envoy is in Sanaa

  11 November 2011

Yesterday's arrival of the UN envoy Bin Omar to Sanaa didn't seem to deter president Ali Abdullah Saleh or his forces from defiantly committing more violence and atrocities in Taiz. The continuous and random shelling by Saleh forces on Taiz's residential areas has caused many deaths and injuries to civilians and destruction of many homes. Noon Arabia takes us to the heart of the suffering of Yemenis in this post.