· March, 2011

Stories about Yemen from March, 2011

Yemen: Crowds Call for Saleh to Step Down in Sanaa

  25 March 2011

Thousands of protesters have gathered in Change Square, in the Yemeni capital Sanaa, to call on President Ali Abdulla Saleh to step down. The protests are going strong in what is being described as The Friday of Departure and the army has reportedly fired gunshots in the air to stop pro-regime protesters from clashing with pro-democracy demonstrators. Here are some reactions from Twitter.

Arab World: The Arab Tyrant Manual

  23 March 2011

The Arab Tyrant Manual is out, and is being tweeted as I type. On Twitter, Iyad Elbaghdadi is repeating all the excuses we have heard from the governments of Arab countries which have had protests calling for regime change and reforms since the Tunisian uprising at the end of 2010. Although they sound like one liners from a comic strip, they still get support from people on the ground.

Yemen: Game Over for Ali Abdullah Saleh?

  21 March 2011

Yemen is witnessing mass defections from the Army's top brass, officials, members of Parliament and Ambassadors - who are declaring their support to their country's people's and youth revolution. Is this the beginning of the end of Saleh's regime?

Yemen: ‘Friday Massacre in Sanaa’

  19 March 2011

Protesters against the rule of long-standing president Ali Abdullah Saleh have once again been fired upon by Yemeni forces, who killed an estimated 40 people and wounding at least 200. Afterwards, Saleh blamed the deaths on a violent faction of anti-government forces and declared a state of emergency.

Yemen: A Life-Threatening Message to Blogger Afrah Nasser

  14 March 2011

Yemeni blogger and journalist, Afrah Nasser, received a threatening message on Facebook on March 13 and decided to post it on her blog “so the entire world reads it“. The original message was in Arabic and she translated to English, provoking many concerned responses from online friends.

Yemen: Did Government Use Nerve Gas on Protesters? (Videos)

  11 March 2011

Doctors say the protesters attacked by Yemen's security forces on Tuesday (March 8) showed different symptoms than those usually exhibited by victims of tear gas. Some of the protesters had convulsions, they lost muscular control and some were even temporarily paralyzed. It begs the question: Did Yemen's government use some form of nerve agent on its own people?

Yemen: Saleh “declares war on Yemen” (Videos)

  9 March 2011

Once again, Yemen's security forces have shot and killed protesters calling for the resignation of long-term leader Ali Abdullah Saleh. This time, however, the killings took place at Sanaa University, under the nose of international media and observers. With local protesters and opposition members further enraged at the violence, what will the international community do?

Yemen: Protesters Vulnerable to Violent Attacks

  7 March 2011

Protests demanding the ouster of President Ali Abdullah Saleh continue for a successive fourth week in Yemen. Saleh has invited all political forces to talk. The invitation was refused by the opposition. At the same time, attacks carried out by security forces and loyalists to Saleh on peaceful demonstrators continued.

Arab World: Bloggers Compete for Arabisk Competition

  7 March 2011

Arab bloggers are vying for the Best of the Arabic Blogs Awards, Arabisk, which is now in the judging phase of the competition. The top 20 nominations in four categories are being judged now, and the competition results will be announced at the beginning of April. Haifa Al Rasheed has more on the competition.

Yemen: Thousands Protest on Day of Wrath

  1 March 2011

Thousands of protesters are marching across Yemen, in a Day of Wrath, to condemn Friday's attacks on protests in Aden and call for the end of the Ali Abdullah Saleh regime. A defiant Saleh has meanwhile accused Israel and the US of orchestrating the wave of protests across the region.