· April, 2008

Stories about Yemen from April, 2008

Yemen: Greatest Achievement in Life

  24 April 2008

“What can/could be the greatest achievement in life? With time and age, I can not think of any other achievement that is as great and as fulfilling as that achieved in marriage,” admits Omar Barsawad in this post.

AIDS – A Taboo in the Arab World

  18 April 2008

AIDS, the deadly acquired immune deficiency syndrome, is a taboo word in the Arab world. But the scary word has managed to crop up in many blog posts this week - from Jordan, Iraq, Palestine, Bahrain and Yemen.

Yemen: Mideast Youth Blocked

  8 April 2008

“Walid al-Saqaf, the creator of YemenPortal.net, whose ban in Yemen we are actively campaigning against, informed us that we have just been banned in Yemen. This is because Walid launched a circumventing software that would allow people in Yemen to access the site despite the ban,” announced Esra'a at Mideast...

Free Speech Roundup: Indonesia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Yemen

  5 April 2008

The Indonesian government has ordered the country’s internet service providers to block YouTube over “Fitna” the movie. In Saudi Arabia, the blog of the detained Saudi blogger Fouad Alfarhan was blocked, along with the Free Fouad website, which is dedicated to Alfarhan's case. In Turkey, a Turkish court banned access to Slide, the maker of social networking widgets, for “harboring pictures and articles that are considered to be insulting to Ataturk.”. And Yemen blocks Maktoob blogging platform cutting off Yemeni Internet users from the more than 46,960 blogs the service hosts.

Yemen: Free Yemen Portal Launched

  3 April 2008

“The anti-website censorship website freeyemenportal.org was officially launched today by Mideast Youth and YemenPortal.net as part of an ongoing campaign to free yemenportal.net from a two-month long ban imposed by the Yemeni government,” reports Mideast Youth. Global Voices Advocacy has previously reported on the block here.