· August, 2007

Stories about Yemen from August, 2007

Bahrain: Getting Into Gear and Going All the Way…

  27 August 2007

Our topics range from the highbrow to the lowlife this week, with an exhortation to read more books from across the Arab world, a child’s misunderstanding of a word in a cartoon, and an encounter with a prostitute. A new blogger has just arrived in Bahrain, and another blogger has just returned from a holiday in Iran – where he experienced rather more than he had bargained on during a taxi ride... Read Ayesha Saldanha's take on Bahraini blogs for more.

Yemen: Shiites,Gaddafi and Saudi Arabia

  21 August 2007

Yemen's Shiites (Shiayan Yaman) is an Iranian blog covering events in Yemen.The blogger says[Fa] Muammar Gaddafi,the leader of Libya, proposed his help to Malak al-Huthi, Shiite rebel leader,in order to block Saudi Arabia's influence in Yemen.According to the blogger al-Huti has refused any colloboration with Gaddafi.