· June, 2007

Stories about Yemen from June, 2007

Iraq: Blame Iran for Everything

  20 June 2007

“I think that when the president of the united states counted Iran among the members of the axis of evil the description was not unjustifiably incriminating, it just came before the evidence that support this claim became available,” writes Mohammed in Iraq the Model, who blames all the crisis in...

Yemen: Block on SMS

  15 June 2007

Yemen is blocking SMS distribution, following criticism of Yemeni President Ali Abdulla Saleh, according to ..Or Does it Explode.

Palestine: Peace Index

  1 June 2007

“The United States is among the least peaceful nations in the world, ranking 96th between Yemen and Iran, according to an index of 121 countries. According to the Global Peace Index, created by the Economist Intelligence Unit, Norway is the most peaceful nation and Iraq is the least, just after...