· May, 2007

Stories about Yemen from May, 2007

Yemen: Yes to Internet Filters

  29 May 2007

Yemeni blogger Omar Barsawad is in favour of his country's internet censorship tactics, saying: “Yemen was mentioned as one of the countries to have the most extensive censorship filters for the Internet. I do wholeheartedly support this; as would most of my fellow adult Yemenis. What Yemen censors most, are...

Yemen: Censorship of tow opposition news websites

  24 May 2007

The Yemen's Ministry of Telecommunications has blocked access to tow opposition news websites (www.al-shoura.net and www.aleshteraki.net) because they are reporting about the humanitarian situation and the fighting in the northern province of Sa'ada between the army and Shia rebels. According to aid workers the clashes “led to the deaths of...

Yemen: From Camels to Toyotas

  16 May 2007

Yemeni blogger Omar Barsawad notes how Toyota and Isuzu trucks came to replace camels and donkeys as Yemen's preferred “wheels of choice.” ‘Many times, I have asked people around – “why the old Isuzus?” The answers vary, but means the same: through experience, they say, the old Isuzus serve them...

Yemen: Tourism Boom

  11 May 2007

Tourism in Yemen could be a wonderful industry, writes Jane Novak , who links to a news report which states that 609,000 people visited Yemen over two years.

Arabeyes: The Middle East in Pictures

  3 May 2007

From dealing with the death of dear friend - a horse - to news of how the seaside town of Mukalla is Yemen is turning into a soulless new construction site, Amira Al Hussaini takes you on a new pictorial tour of the Middle East in today's blog round up.

Yemen: Breaking into Saudi Prison

  3 May 2007

Breaking out of prisons is the norm. Not any more. Blogger Jane Novak links to an article which claims that a cell of nine Yemenis were planning to break into a prison in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia.

Yemen: Women Abuse

  1 May 2007

Jane Novak links to an article which states that 70 per cent of Yemeni women are abused. “More than 87 percent of those surveyed said that families are responsible for abuse and violence against women, as 191 of the registered cases, accounting for 35.9 percent of the total sample, complained...

Yemen: Isolated Villages

  1 May 2007

Blogger Jane Novak links to a news article which announces the discovery of a new village in Yemen. “The women team found a village mostly inhabited by blind and mad people, who is found to live in starvation, eat no food for many days, and sleep in the ground. The...