· March, 2007

Stories about Yemen from March, 2007

Saudi Arabia: Child Slaves

  23 March 2007

Blogger Issandr Al Amrani links to a BBC documentary on the child slaves of Saudi Arabia here. “These children (from poor countries like neighbouring Yemen) are often sold by families who are either duped into believing their offspring will get a better life or sometimes simply threatened. Once in the...

Yemen: Tourist Destination

  22 March 2007

Yemeni blogger Omar Barsawad is encouraging people to visit his country. “Due to some few incidences, associated with the so called ‘terrorism’ – Yemen has been (wrongly) made to appear dangerous and unsafe.But contrary to what some or many think, Yemen is very safe. Where else can one stop by...

Yemen: Save the Turtles

  22 March 2007

Yemeni blogger Omar Basawad is excited his campaigning is successful in bringing attention to the plight of turtles in his country.

Yemen: No Gangs in Mukalla

  18 March 2007

Yemeni blogger Omar Barsawad compares the seaside Yemeni town of Mukalla to Rio de Janeiro . “Mukalla is utterly free of gangs, criminals or thugs. Of a violent kind. As are all urban centers in Yemen. But there is a striking likeness between Mukalla and Rio De Janeiro, the Marvelous...

Yemen: Teachers Stage Sit-in

  6 March 2007

Yemeni blogger Said Jane reported that teachers in Makalla staged a peaceful sit-in. “It's amazing how brave and determined some people are in the peaceful fight for their legitimate rights. They are modern day heroes and give hope to the world,” writes the blogger.