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Stories about Turkey from August, 2008

Turkey: Questions on Their Nuclear Program

  31 August 2008

Kurdish blogger Rasti questions the motives behind Turkey's nuclear program: “Although there has been no official proof that Turkey is actively building a nuclear weapons, some experts on Turkey's nuclear program have recounted their support, suspicious that the energy program is a cover for a weapons program.”

Egypt: A protest for Turkish TV series Nour

  31 August 2008

Egyptian Blogger Zeinobia, wrote her reactions regarding the recent news stating that a group of high class Egyptian ladies led a protest all over Marina against the Imam of Marina’s mosque after his attack on the Turkish TV series “Nour”.

Northern Cyprus: Similarities with Georgia?

  31 August 2008

While discussing the plight of unrecognized states, blog Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus states that “If Russia does decide to recognize Georgia’s two separatist regions, they’d be in a diplomatic situation similar to North Cyprus.”

Armenia: Opposition Truce

  29 August 2008

Unzipped commends the opposition in Armenia for deciding to postpone planned street protests and other political actions ahead of next week's historic football match with Turkey in Yerevan. The move is meant to contribute to the possibility for Armenian-Turkish reconcilliation.

Turkey: YouTube Un-blocked?

  28 August 2008

Several Turkish bloggers are reporting the lifting of the YouTube ban in Turkey, including Internation Musings, however it may take up to 72 hours for Turkish web users to see it.

Turkey: Bloggers Banning Themselves?

  18 August 2008

If you are a long-time follower of the Turkish blogosphere you will have undoubtedly heard about the Turkish ban on Wordpress....and the periodic bans on YouTube, and on the social-networking widget site Slide, oh..and now on Dailymotion as well. I think that is all? Isn't it? It is hard to keep track now-a-days and frustrating. Turkish bloggers feel the same way too, and are protesting the constant banning of sites by voluntarily banning their own.

Armenia: Oil, Genocide and Obama

  8 August 2008

Voices Without Votes takes a look at why many Armenians at home and abroad support U.S. Presidential Election Democratic Party Candidate Barack Obama and how Azerbaijanis and Turks are responding to his campaign promise to recognize the 1915 Armenian Genocide.

Turkey: Dailymotion blocked

  6 August 2008

Access to the french video-sharing website Dailymotion.com has been blocked in Turkey since August 2nd 2008. According to Erkan Saka, an Istanbul-based blogger, “the decision to ban the site came without any explanation.”

Armenia: Turkish Football Fans

  6 August 2008

Ahead of September's historic football match between estranged neighbors Armenia and Turkey, Unzipped comments on rumors circulating in Yerevan that as many as 10,000 Turkish football fans might descend on the capital. The blog notes that “football diplomacy” might yet represent a real possibility for a breakthrough in relations between...

Jordan: Noor and Muhannad T-shirts Unacceptable

  5 August 2008

From Jordan, Tololy finds it unacceptable that t-shirts for children are on sale, featuring the actors in a popular Turkish soap opera, Noor and Muhannad, that has been dubbed into Arabic. More on the story can be found here.

Syria: Red Carpet Reception for Muhannad

  5 August 2008

Mohammad Online [Ar], from Syria, is annoyed with the red carpet reception a visiting Turkish actor has received in his country. For more on this story, click here.

Iraq: Hello Turkey!

  1 August 2008

Iraqi blogger Najma, who writes in A Star from Mosul, is finally in Turkey – where she is enjoying a well-deserved break.

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