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Stories about Turkey from March, 2008

Slide blocked in Turkey

  28 March 2008

A Turkish court banned access to Slide, the maker of social networking widgets, for “harboring pictures and articles that are considered to be insulting to Ataturk”.

Kurds Attacked on Newroz

  28 March 2008

Kurdish blogger Goran reports on Syrian and Turkish attacks on Kurds celebrating Newroz, a traditional festivity which marks the beginning of spring.

Iraq at Five: The World Reacts

  19 March 2008

Today, March 19, marks five years of "Operation Iraqi Freedom." Initially a plan to oust Saddam Hussein and "end the war before it started," the war in Iraq continues to this day, much to the dismay of many ordinary citizens around the globe. In that vein, Global Voices Online will post reactions today from bloggers in Iraq, the Middle East and North Africa, and elsewhere.

Turkey: Armenian Hanging Clarification

Blogian posts a clarification on his site following information that the photos depicting what were initially described as the hanging of Armenians in Erzurum were in fact the hanging of Turks by Armenian bandits. Nevertheless, the blog still maintains that historical ethnic hatreds continue to be promoted in Turkey.

Turkey: Pepsi or Coke?

  7 March 2008

“When you go to your favorite restaurant (even if it's a fast food one — I know you're out there), do you insist on a Coke or Pepsi, and are you disappointed when they only offer the other one?” asks Turkish blogger Metin.

Turkey: Raising Murderers

Following on from photographs of young children watching mock hangings of Armenians in the Turkish city of Erzurum, Blogian comments on concerns expressed by some Turkish columnists that the nation is “raising murders.”

Turkey: Mock Armenian Hangings

Blogian posts some disturbing photographs of the celebration of the 90th Anniversary of the Turkish liberation of Erzurum. Claimed by both Armenians and Turks, the city featured re-enactments of the hanging of Armenian bandits which were viewed by children. The blogger notes that even nationalist Turkish newspapers were critical of...

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