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Stories about Turkey from November, 2007

Turkey: Hidden Armenians

  25 November 2007

Blogian says that Amazon.com has announced the date for the release of the English translation of ”My Grandmother: A Memoir,” a book by Turkish human rights lawyer who discovered her Armenian roots when she was became an adult.

Armenia: Rehumanizing the “Enemy”

  12 November 2007

Blogian quotes from a Turkish newspaper calling for the “‘rehumanization’ of Armenians by Turks and vice verse.” In particular, the Armenian blogger recounts how his Great Grandmother was saved during the Armenian Genocide by a Turkish woman and wonders why there isn't a section for those Turks that saved Armenians...

Turkey: Anti-Armenian Music Video

  11 November 2007

Unzipped reports that musicians in Turkey are currently on trial for uploading a music clip to YouTube glorifying the murder in Istanbul earlier this year of ethnic Armenian newspaper editor and journalist, Hrant Dink. Prosecutors are demanding up to 7.5 years imprisonment for the accused.

Turkey: Insulting Turkishness

  9 November 2007

A man from the Aegean resort town of Bodrum is facing charges of “insulting the spirit of Turkishness” after being taken into custody by the police Monday for dressing his dog in a t-shirt that said “Turk,” reports Hans A.H.C. de Wit from Istanbul.

Pakistan: A Middle Eastern Perspective

  8 November 2007

What are bloggers in the Middle East saying about the latest developments in Pakistan? The reactions range from launching petitions to stop martial law to satire, from advice to lamenting over badly-timed opportunities.

Turkey: Apostasy Isn't a ‘Crime’

  8 November 2007

“Apostasy cannot be considered as a crime in today's world. It is, indeed, a natural right. People should have the right to believe or disbelieve in Islam,” writes Turkish blogger Mustafa Akyol.

Iraq: The Slaughter of Armenians Continues

  6 November 2007

“Let’s just forget about those million and a half Armenians slaughtered in Turkey in 1915. For a moment. Instead, let’s talk about the slaughter of Armenians – in 2007. In Iraq. Right now,” writes Greg Palast, who links to a podcast, which also features Sureya Sayadi, who speaks out against...

Wales: Armenian Genocide Memorial, Protest

  4 November 2007

Unzipped reports on the unveiling of a monument to commemorate the victims of the Armenian Genocide at the Temple of Peace in Cardiff. Attending was James in Turkey who expresses concerns with the eviction of Turkish journalists from the event.

Armenia: Open Letter

  3 November 2007

Following on from an Open Letter to the Armenian Diaspora by Turkish writer and blogger Mustafa Akyol on the subject of the Armenian Genocide, Raffi K at Life in Armenia responds in kind with his own addressed to Turks. Believing that the events of 1915-17 were Genocide, the blogger writes...

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