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Stories about Turkey from July, 2006

Caucasus: BTC & Israel

Ben Paarmann questions those that claim that controlling the Baku-Tblisi-Ceyhan pipeline and accessing Central Asian and Caspian oil is a hidden motive for Israel in its fighting in Lebanon.

Turkey is Typing….

22 July 2006

Well I was hoping to be able to find a reaction from the Turkish bloggers in response to the Republic of Turkey's accouncement of their intention to cross its borders into Iraq to pursue PKK terrorists (as reported in this week's edition of Kurdistance on GV), however I found very...

Kurdistance: Lebanon's Legacy?

  19 July 2006

While the world's media eye is focused on Lebanon, other potential conflicts are arising in the Middle East; but they are arising using Lebanon as the primary example for conflict justification. The Counterrorism Blog says it best: Turkey is currently making a lot of noise about launching a cross-border incursion...

Turkey is Typing….

16 July 2006

This late edition of “Turkey is Typing” is brought to you by the lovely people of Silt Colorado and the broken alternator fan belt of my car that left me stranded there. In the wake of Israeli aggression in Palestine and Lebanon, Turkish bloggers have been voicing their concerns as...

Kurdistance: No Good News

  12 July 2006

The overwhelming themes of the Kurdish blogs this week has been a sense of outrage and despair over the never-changing events in the lives of the Kurdish peoples. Let's begin with Kurdish Aspect this week and his posting of a punishment given to a small child in Eastern Kurdistan (Western...


  5 July 2006

Happy Wednesday Everyone! Today's post is going to be short for two reasons: one, I am currently taking an intensive Arabic class this summer and transitioning back to English today is proving to be much more difficult than I first imagined and two, I just fell up the concrete steps...

Turkey is Typing….

1 July 2006

For those of you who were wondering what I missed on the weekly Turkish blogs round-up last week, American Turk has done a wonderful job of covering my footsteps. Thanks! Many Turkish bloggers have covered the death of Turkish-American Music Producer Arif Mardin, a very remarkable man, to say the...

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