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Stories about Turkey from November, 2005

Travels in the Kurdish Blogosphere

  30 November 2005

This week was fairly quiet in the Kurdish Blogosphere compared to week's past. Many Kurds have been focused on the upcoming/ongoing trial of Saddam Hussein. One such blogger, Kurdo from Kurdo's World remarked that after watching the first day of the trial that it was unfair…to Saddam's victims. He gave...

Turkey is Typing…..

26 November 2005

Welcome to the week that was in the Turkish Blogosphere…. Both Metroblogging:Istanbul and Turkish Torque reported this week about the new Picasso in Istanbul exhibit at the Sakip Sabanci Museum from the 24th of November till the 26th of March 2006. Continuing with the art theme Metroblogging:Istanbul also revisited a...

Travels in the Kurdish Blogosphere

  23 November 2005

Iraqi Election Madness! As Iraq prepares for the December 15th parlimentary elections, the Kurdish bloggers are preparing as well. Vahal Abdulrahman from Dear Baghdad announced the formation of a new blog devoted strictly to the new elections, it is aptly named The Iraqi Vote. Vahal gives us details on the...

Turkey is Talking….

19 November 2005

Every once in a while you find a statement from someone far away that captures the universality of the life we live in these modern times…I found this gem from Fikirbaz.com, who lives in Istanbul: Normal is getting dressed in clothes that you buy for work and driving through traffic...

Travels in the Kurdish Blogosphere

  16 November 2005

New this week…. Kurdo from Kurdo's World was interviewed by The Kurdistani, a Kurdish news agency posting out of the United Kingdom. Kurdo's World is considered as the first Kurdish blog that has focused on Kurdish political issues. After his blog has achieved a measureable amount of success, he started...

Steppin’ into the Turkish Blogosphere

13 November 2005

Reviewing this week in the Turkish Blogs, November 10th marked the anniversary of the death of Mustafa Ataturk. Erkan's Field Diary has a wonderful article posted about the death of Ataturk and how he is celebrated. Turkish Torque also has a post praising the accomplishments of Mustafa Ataturk. Besides being...

Travels in the Kurdish Blogosphere

  9 November 2005

Well it has been a busy week in the Kurdish Blogosphere. Perhaps the most startling is the infighting between the members of the group blog the Kurdistan Bloggers Union. Having been a prominent blog for over a year, KBU has spawned a forum and a news site, however lately disagreements...

Turkey: Zaman

7 November 2005

Erkan says, Zaman is the first online Turkish newspaper and as far as I know it is only paper that is completely translated from Turkish to English. It is again the first newspaper that had an op-ed page.

Turkey: Depressed Turkish Women

7 November 2005

Ugur says, according to a survey conducted by Turkish Ministry of Health at 12,000 households, 19% of Turkish women are “slightly,” 24% “medium level,” 13% “a lot” and 8% “extremely” depressed.

Steppin’ into the Turkish Blogosphere

7 November 2005

After a 15 day hiatus, the Turkish blog review is back. I found some information on Turkish Podcasting! The website Kevin and Fatma take on the World! are in the planning stages of weekly podcasts. At the moment they only have a few test podcast shows, but it is a...

Travels in the Kurdish Blogosphere

  2 November 2005

New in Kurdish cyberspace is the announcement of a new Kurdish news agency called Firat News, while there is some critism from some Kurds, as it is currently published in Turkish, it still is an exciting venture for those in Northern Kurdistan (Southeast Turkey). Plans for news in Kurdish are...

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