· September, 2012

Stories about Syria from September, 2012

Syria: Happy Birthday Bashar?

  19 September 2012

Syrians marked the birthday of President Bashar Al Assad, who turned 47, on September 11, in their own way. With the Syrian Revolution reaching its bloodiest peak, many netizens took to their keyboards wishing it would be his last birthday. Others wished him a long life, a safety for Syria.

Syria: Reflections from the Balkans

  16 September 2012

Macedonian non-profit outlet Diversity Media published an article/podcast [mk, sq] about the Balkan states’ reactions to the situation in Syria, featuring a statement by GV Author Ruslan Trad (among others, including the Macedonian politician Stojan Andov [en, mk], who served as the Yugoslav Ambassador to Iraq in 1987-1991).

Lebanon: Angelina Jolie supporting Syrian Refugees

  12 September 2012

American Actress and UN Ambassador, Angelina Jolie is in Lebanon today [September 12, 2012] as part of her tour to support Syrian Refugees in Jordan, Turkey and Iraq. Commenting the event, Ivy from Lebanon tweets: @ivysblog: Angelina Jolie's in Lebanon today visiting refugees – not only is she the world's...

Syria: Free Syria in Sign Language

  12 September 2012

Even the Deaf should see what Syria wants This is what YouTube user Zazo22 writes under a video showing how to say “Free Syria” in sign language in support of the Syrian Revolution.

Egypt: Women on Hunger Strike for Syria

  10 September 2012

Egyptian blogger Zeinobia visits Syrian women activists on hunger strike in Cairo to draw attention to the plight of their people back home. She blogs her observations and interviews in two parts – here and here.

Syria: With Guns and Tanks

  9 September 2012

On Twitter, Emma Suleiman, who lives in France, shares a photograph holding a gun, near a tank, taken during a recent visit to Syria. She tweets: @emmasulieman: More photos with FSA in the free Syria:) they have tanks now :)))

Syria: The Flag Debacle

  7 September 2012

Syrian revolutionaries have chosen the country's independence flag as their symbol after months of conflict in the country. Some people are arguing that it is the Independence flag, and others saying it's a flag of Syria under colonialism. The debate continues as each side clings to its opinion.

Syria: All Newspaper Headlines Celebrate Assad

  2 September 2012

On Twitter, Syrian blogger Anas shares a picture of the front page of the Arabic language daily Tishreen and says: @anasonline: This is a copy of Tishreen newspaper dating back to 2000 which my friend found by accident. All the headlines talk about one topic.

UAE: Iranian Translators Distort Morsi's Speech

  1 September 2012

UAE-based journalist Hassan Hassan Storfies how Iranian translators distorted Egyptian president Mohammed Morsi's speech, at the Non-Aligned Movement meeting in Tehran, replacing Syria with Bahrain and Arab Spring with Islamic Awakening.