· March, 2012

Stories about Syria from March, 2012

Syria: A Year On, From Beirut With Love

  26 March 2012

On March15, the Syrian revolution completed its first year with the same level of determination that marked its beginning. Protests in different cities around the world expressed their support to the revolution while Beirut wanted to announce its support in its own way. This post explains how activists expressed their love to the Syrian revolution on Beirut walls.

Arab World: Happy Mother's Day – Tribute to Martyrs’ Mothers

  21 March 2012

The Arab world marks Mother's Day today, March 21. On social networking sites, netizens send out congratulations to their mothers on the day. They also remember the mothers of the thousands of martyrs killed by the authorities as they protested against dictatorship in this so-called Arab Spring.

Syria: When Assad Falls

  18 March 2012

Like all Arabs protesting against their dictators, Syrians have many hopes and aspirations for life after the toppling of their dictator Bashar Al Assad. On Twitter, Syrians are sharing their dreams under the hash tag #WhenAssadFalls

Syria: Friday's Demonstrations on Video

  16 March 2012

Saudi blogger Ahmed Al Omran complies a Storify collection of videos allegedly leaked from Syria today. Many show protests which happened this Friday. [Warning: Some of the videos contain graphic material)

Arab World: Hands Off Clooney!

  16 March 2012

The United States has arrested actor George Clooney and his father Nick at a protest outside the Sudanese Embassy in Washington DC. Arab Twitter users register their protest on their arrest on Twitter.

Syria: Crackdown Against Journalists Continues

  15 March 2012

With thousands killed, tortured, arrested and disappeared, the Syrian struggle continues amid unprecedented brutality. In its attempt to silence activists, the regime has stepped up its crackdown against journalists, bloggers and video activists. Salma Yafi, a student of Journalism and member for the National Development Party, is one of the regime's latest victims.

Syria: Campaign to Stop One Year of Bloodshed

  13 March 2012

To mark the first anniversary of the violence accompanying the Syrian revolution, which started on March 15, 2011, a campaign is being launched to mount a global call on world leaders to unite and stop the bloodshed.

Brazil: Story of a 93 Year-Old Syrian Migrant

  8 March 2012

'Sito Badia', 'Grandmother Badia' in Arabic - as her grandsons like to call her - was born in the Western Syrian province of Homs. She immigrated to Brazil with her family 80 years ago, when she was only 13. The following story of her life recalls the early days of Arab immigrants to Brazil and Latin America.

World: Global March Against the Syrian Dictator

  2 March 2012

March 15 will mark the anniversary of the start of the Syrian revolution. An initiative called Global March for Syria aims to take people from all over the world to the streets on March 15, 16 and 17 in support of the Syrian people's struggle. Here are more details.