· April, 2011

Stories about Syria from April, 2011

Syria: The Revolution Continues (Video)

  29 April 2011

It's the Friday of Rage in Syria, with tens of thousands of people taking to the streets of different cities to call for the overthrow of the Al Assad regime, and show solidarity with Daraa, which is facing a ruthless crackdown for being the nucleus the Syrian protests.

Egypt: Protesting for Syria

  26 April 2011

Scores of Egyptians joined Syrian students who gathered outside the Syrian Embassy in Cairo in protest against the killing of demonstrators and called for the overthrow of the Syrian regime of Bashar Al Assad. Protesters chanted in solidarity with the Syrian demonstrators.

Syria: Blog Interview with Opposition Activist Ammar Abdulhamid

  23 April 2011

American blogger and Syria expert, Joshua Landis, conducted a video interview with exiled leading Opposition activist Ammar Abdulhamid on the Syrian unrest. Speaking on Landis' blog, Syria Comment, Abdulhamid was questioned on a variety of topics concerning the Syrian revolution, from the dangers of a sectarian breakdown, to the regional implications of a potential collapse in regime.

Syria: The People Want to Overthrow the Regime

  22 April 2011

Syria is heating up this Friday, with news of fresh protests in many provinces, and more violence as the regime tries to crackdown on the unrest, which started on March 15. Netizens keep us updated on Twitter and YouTube.

Syria: Homs Protests Attract Thousands (Video)

  20 April 2011

Despite the security crackdown, protests are continuing in Syria, with countless of videos surfacing online showing thousands of protesters calling for the overthrow of the Assad regime. Here is a selection of videos from Homs.

Algeria: A Sit-In for Reporter Khaled Sid Mohand, Detained in Syria

  20 April 2011

A group of journalist, members of the MJIC and a few leaders of the FFS organised a protest in front of the Syrian embassy in Algiers in solidarity with reporter Khaled Sid Mohand currently detained in Syria (fr). The Embassy PR officer stated that the embassy : “.. did not...

Syria: Emergency Law Lifted as Protests Continue

  19 April 2011

There were mixed feelings in Syria today as President Bashar Al-Assad announced an end to the emergency law that has been in place in the country since 1963. The country has seen weeks of protests, many of which have been met with deadly force from security officials.

Syria: Bread and Propaganda

  6 April 2011

As protests in Syria continue into their third week, the Assad government is making concessions in hopes of appeasing protesters. The government is asserting power via propaganda, some of which is finding its way to the most unlikely of places...

Syria: Two Returned Home Safely, Khaled El Ghayesh Still Missing

  3 April 2011

Last week, Egyptian-American Muhammad Radwan (known as @battutta on Twitter) was arrested in Syria and accused of spying, as well as of receiving requests from abroad for photos and videos about Syria. Yesterday, Radwan announced on Twitter that he'd made it home safely.