· February, 2011

Stories about Syria from February, 2011

Syria: Facebook and YouTube Unblocked, Among Others

  8 February 2011

Internet in Syria has been heavily censored for years. Seemingly harmless sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Wikipedia Arabic have only been accessible through proxies and various circumvention software. Today, that seems to have changed. Anas Qtiesh explains.

Syria: No-Show for ‘Day of Anger’

  4 February 2011

Speculation is rampant from international media that Syria may follow in spreading unrest from Tunisia and Egypt. Betsy Fisher takes a look at tweets to see what Syrians are saying.

Arab World: A Revolution Time-Table

  1 February 2011

An Arab revolution time-table is being circulated online, with potential revolution dates pencilled in for Sudan, Syria, Algeria, Libya and Morocco. The dates are January 30 (Sudanese students are already marching the streets), February 5, February 12 and March 3, respectively. Here's some of the chatter from Twitter.