· June, 2010

Stories about Syria from June, 2010

Middle East: Goodbye Saramago

  29 June 2010

Bloggers across the Middle East mourned the death of Portuguese writer Jose Saramago. Tarek Amr rounds up their reactions.

Global: Tweeting the USA/England Match

  14 June 2010

The Twittersphere was abuzz during the USA/England #worldcup match on June 12. The game was highly anticipated in the United States, where TV ads touted it as the "most anticipated" match of the World Cup, whereas in England, fans were nearly certain their team would win.

Kurdistance: The Hypocrisy of Defending Turkey

  8 June 2010

As there is an increase of support for both Turkey and Palestine in the wake of the Israeli raid on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, Kurdish bloggers caution against supporting a country whose human rights record leaves much to be desired.

Syria: Lash Out Continues Against Israel's Raid on Gaza Aid Convoy

  4 June 2010

The deadly Israeli raid on the aid convoy headed to Gaza to break the blockade has once again brought the suffering of Palestinians in Gaza into the limelight. The political and public outcry has been remarkable and has generated a heated global debate on what had happened. Syrian and Palestinian bloggers speak up.