· August, 2009

Stories about Syria from August, 2009

Jordan: The Dream Train that was not to be

  26 August 2009

Getting to and from work daily takes its toll on employees, especially in countries without a 'proper' public transportation system. Jordanian Osama Al Romoh writes about the resurrected dream train link which was not to be.

Global: Ramadan Mubarak

  24 August 2009

With the advent of Ramadan around the globe this weekend, Muslim and non-Muslim bloggers everywhere are wishing each other Ramadan mubarak (or "blessed Ramadan").

Lebanon: Missing Syrian Workers

  18 August 2009

“Two Syrian workers are missing in Lebanon. Neither the Lebanese government, nor the Syrian government care about the plight of the abused Syrian workers in Lebanon,” reports The Angry Arab News Service.

Greece: Armenian singer passes away

  9 August 2009

Unknown to most Armenians, but loved by many Kurds for his songs sung in the Kurmanji dialect of Kurdish, Aram Tigran has passed away in Athens, Greece. Born in 1934 in Syria, Tigran's death has affected many, and not least those recognizing the important contribution he made as a cultural bridge between Armenians and Kurds.

Syria: Lebanon's Unity Cabinet

  4 August 2009

“As Lebanon moves closer to announcing its unity cabinet, a lot of people are complaining about the length of time it has taken to get this far,” notes The Syria News Wire.