· July, 2009

Stories about Syria from July, 2009

Syria: How to Make Mutabal

  27 July 2009

Kano, of Syrian Foodie in London, shares with us the recipe of how to make Mutabal – an appetizer made of grilled aubergine, tahini and yogurt, and found “on every table in every Syrian restaurant.”

Syria: Bits of US-imposed Sanctions Lifted

  27 July 2009

At KABOBfest, Jillian discusses the US lifting of “two bits of its sanctions on Syria.” “The lifting of the IT ban seems, to me, to be low-hanging fruit, the simplest way to please (or appease) the public while getting rid of a relatively useless rule that wasn’t doing much good...

Syria: Computer and Internet Sanctions Lifted

  27 July 2009

“The US is removing some of its sanctions on Syria, just months after the embargo was controversially renewed. Syria’s Ambassador to Washington, Imad Moustapha, says the block on computer equipment and internet downloads is being lifted,” reports Syria News Wire.

Syria: Erdogan's Visit and Iran

  22 July 2009

Syrian blogger Maysaloon comments on Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan's visit to Syria. “In light of everything that has been happening recently one wonders about the timing of the visit and whether the Israelis are trying to find out Syria's position on a possible strike against Iran,” he asks.

Syria: Focus on Ability

  21 July 2009

Syrian blog Common English Mistakes Podcast continues its series of podcasts [Ar]. This episode focuses on the use of the word ability.

Syria: Sexual Misconceptions

  19 July 2009

Syrian blogger Marcelllita [ar] blogs about sexual complexes young people in this part of the world suffer from, such as misconceptions and wrong information.

Syria: Allergic to Religion?

  14 July 2009

Mohammed writes about a phenomenon that he feels has gone too far. He feels that many people have a certain “Religion Influenza” [Ar] that makes them hostile to anything related to religion.

Syria: Ode to Blogging!

  14 July 2009

Mariyah writes about her blogging journey, and gives tribute to different Syrian blogs that she follows.

Syria: Is Bashar Al Assad on Facebook?

  12 July 2009

Syrian Raye7 Mish Raj3 (Leaving and not returning) has stumbled across a Facebook account for Syrian President Bashar Al Assad. Although he can't verify its authenticity, he poises a few questions to the President in this post. “I want to ask him at first; how he succeeded to bypass the...

Arab World: Stories in Pictures

  10 July 2009

Armed with their cameras, two bloggers in the region took pictures of habits and things which caught their attention and commented on them. Here are their stories from Syria and Kuwait.

Arab World: Swine Flu Fever Continues

  9 July 2009

Swine flu or H1N1 is still making headlines across the Arab world as new cases continue to be discovered by health authorities and announced in the Press on a daily basis. Here's a preview of what bloggers in Bahrain, Jordan, Egypt and Syria are talking about.

Syria: Blogging Pains

  4 July 2009

After three months of work behind a computer screen, Syrian blogger Hossam Akras visits Old Damascus with his family. Find out why he was putting in nine to 12 hours a day for all that period, in this post I am translating from Arabic today.