· January, 2009

Stories about Syria from January, 2009

MENA: Reflections on Obama's Al Arabiya Interview

  30 January 2009

It came as a surprise to many people that US President Barack Obama gave his first formal interview as president to an Arab television channel. Some were optimistic with Obama's replies, while others were disappointed. Yet, almost everybody was more concerned about the decision to have the interview conducted for Al Arabiya.

Arab World: “We Stopped Saying Israel…”

  28 January 2009

A message on Twitter calling upon Arabs to stop saying Israel has snowballed into a movement across the Arab world, in this latest twist of the ongoing online war following the Israeli bombing of Gaza. Anas Qtiesh reports from the front lines.

MENA: Reactions to Obama's Inauguration

  20 January 2009

Today marked an historic moment in United States history as Barack Obama was sworn in as the 44th President. While Arab support of Obama has been waning over the past few months following the selection of his cabinet and his silence over Israel's attacks on Gaza, across the Middle East and North Africa bloggers still have plenty to say, reports Jillian York.

Syria: Arab Leaders and the Summit

  19 January 2009

“The Arab summit today was truly surprising and from what has been ‘said’ so far it seems that finally the Arab leaders are saying what the people want to hear, and are actually doing what the people want them to do,” says Arabia Camel: The Revolution, from Syria.

Syria: Where's The Daily Star?

  19 January 2009

“Qifa Nabki has got the story. It looks like the (Lebanese) Daily Star has published its final edition,” reports the Syria News Wire, in this post.

Syria: Israel & The US

  16 January 2009

Rime Allaf of the blog Mosaics posts an editorial which questions just how intertwined the Israeli and US governments are.

Syria: Gaza Analysis

  15 January 2009

Syrian resident blogger Joshua Landis posts analysis on Palestine's bleak future and Syria's disappointment in Obama on his blog, Syria Comment.

Syria: Arab Leaders Can't Come Together, Not Even into a Room

  15 January 2009

As the aggression on Gaza enters its third week, Arab Leaders fail to agree on the need of holding an emergency summit for the member countries of the Arab League which Qatar and Syria have called for. Syrian bloggers are outraged at the political ping-pong going on that highlights what could be described as the greatest political divide in recent Arab history.

Arab World: “Why the Children of Gaza Don't Deserve to Die?”

  13 January 2009

As the death toll from the Israeli war on Gaza climbs, bloggers from around the Arab world share their thoughts on Palestine, Arab nationalism and why the children of Gaza don't deserve to die. Here are some reflections from Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and Syria.

Syria: Quest for Justice

  10 January 2009

Uramium Blog links to an article by an American-Jewish journalist on her take on the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Syria: Gaza On Our Minds

  7 January 2009

Syrian bloggers are in a frenzy since the bombing in Gaza started almost two weeks ago. To many Syrians this comes from a deep long rooted identification with the cause of the Palestinian people. But for some, there's also a very personal side to it. Yazan Badran reports.

Syria: Largest U.S. Embassy in Baghdad

  6 January 2009

Maysaloon, a Syrian blogger commenting [ar] on recent news writes: “Oh Arabs!!!! The largest U.S. embassy in the world is opened today in Baghdad and people of Palestine and Iraq are being killed and their sanctity violated before our eyes. Where are the Arabs? Where are the weapons and the...

Palestine: UN School Hit By Israeli Shells; More than 40 Killed

  6 January 2009

At approximately 6:00 p.m. (GMT+2), Al Jazeera English reported that a UN school was hit when two tank shells exploded outside of the school. The school, located in Jabaliya, had been set up days ago as a shelter for Gaza residents who had lost or evacuated their homes. Over 40 people have been killed. Jillian York presents immediate reactions from the blogosphere and Twitter.

Syria: The Red Crescent Sends Convoys to Gaza

  4 January 2009

Today, Syria News Wire reported on the efforts of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent in sending aid to Gaza. The humanitarian group, which is a member of the International Committee of the Red Cross, has been successful in sending 11 lorries of 230 tons of medical products and food to Gaza.

Syria: Silent Demonstration for Gaza

  1 January 2009

Syrian blogger Dania reports on the silent demonstration organized by Syrian bloggers in-front of the European Commission in Damascus to protest the continuing Israeli onslaught on Gaza. She also publishes the petition sent to Brussels by the demonstators.