· December, 2008

Stories about Syria from December, 2008

Syria: More on the Israeli Massacre in Palestine

  30 December 2008

Diana Ghazzawi, a Gazan blogger who is now based in North America, shares with us her worries that she might not meet her relatives in Gaza one day, if they don't get lucky from the strategic Israeli shelling on the Gazans: This is not about politics. It's not about specifics...

Syria: Myths about Israeli Attacks in Palestine

  30 December 2008

Our coverage of Syrian bloggers reacting on the ongoing Israeli war in Palestine continues. Israel is still proceeding the attacks in Palestine for the forth day causing 385 civilian deaths and leaving 1700 injured. Yaman Salahi, a Syrian blogger based in the US, has posted a note on his Facebook...

Syria: Bloggers Infuriated by Israeli Massacre in Palestine

  29 December 2008

"Many Syrian bloggers feel depressed and paralyzed over what's happening in Gaza now" writes Razan Ghazzawi as she brings us more reactions from the Arabic-language Syrian blogosphere in our continuing coverage about the current Israeli airstrike campaign in the Gaza Strip.

Syria: Present Day Nazis

  28 December 2008

“I mean the present-day Nazis that are shelling an entire population in Gaza. Who knew that the heirs to the ethnic genocidal policies of the Holocaust would be the Jews themselves? And have they perfected those policies!” Says Syrian blogger Lujayn, about the latest bombing of Gaza.

Syria: Outrage at the “Massacre in Gaza”

  28 December 2008

The Arab world is somber today. The feeling of shock and disgust at the events of yesterday can be felt at every blog. As the Israeli Defense Forces bombed and wrecked havoc in besieged Gaza the Syrian blogosphere had a sense of disbelief at what is happening and the international reaction to it, as Yazan Badran explains.

Syria: Anti-Israel Protests Planned for London

  28 December 2008

“A demonstration may seem like the most pointless self-serving act you can do at a time like this. But it’s better than sitting at home” writes Syria News Wire in announcing a protest scheduled for tomorrow in front of the Israeli embassy in London.

Arab World Reacts to “Gaza Massacre”

  27 December 2008

People from across the Arab world are lamenting the fate of Gazans, after a wave of Israeli aerial attacks, which have killed more than 200 Palestinians and wounded more than 700. The silence of Arab governments in particular is hitting a raw nerve.

Israel: Giving Up the Golan?

  17 December 2008

“The idea that Israel should give up a large swath of land, which it won in a defensive war, which does not have demographic dilemmas, in return for an elusive peace, is utterly ridiculous,” writes Occidental Israeli in response to former American President Jimmy Carter's claim that there will be...

Syria: Photos from Banqusa

  3 December 2008

Hovic, from Syria Looks, posts photographs from Banqusa, which feature the ruins of ancient churches from the Byzantine era.

Syria: On Shaking Hands

  3 December 2008

From Syria, Sarah writes about how a woman used an excuse a man had used on her before – to stop him from shaking her hands.