· October, 2008

Stories about Syria from October, 2008

Syria: Farewell Om Abed

  22 October 2008

Syrian Mariyah mourns the death of Om Abed – a neighbour and family friend – in this touching post.

Syria: Is it winter yet?

  19 October 2008

Here comes the winter, announces Syrian blogger Sasa. After a heat wave, a rain storm took the Syrian capital by surprise. “So do we get those winter clothes out or not?” he asks.

Iraq: Egyptian Editorial Attacks Syria

  19 October 2008

Roads to Iraq notes: “Strange attack from the Egyptian newspaper Al- Gomhuria on Syrian Prime Minister Mohammad Attri and accusing Syria with spreading Shiaism.”

Syria: Yellow is In

  12 October 2008

Sasa from Syria is surprised that many girls in Damascus are wearing yellow: “Does EVERY girl in this city have to be dressed in yellow? … Like someone dumped a huge yellow paint pot on the city.”

Syria: Saudi Paper Banned

  9 October 2008

Syrian-Saudi relations have reached an all low point, where even a Saudi newspaper has been banned. Sami Moubayed explains on Syria Comment.

The Blogging Revolution: from Iran to Cuba

  7 October 2008

Antony Loewenstein, a Sydney-based freelance journalist and blogger, has recently published his new book: The Blogging Revolution. This book talks about the impact of blogging on six countries: Iran, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, China and Cuba.