· September, 2008

Stories about Syria from September, 2008

Syria: Chilling Eyewitness Blogger Account on Damascus Explosion

  27 September 2008

With very little information coming out on today's massive explosion in Damascus, Syria, one blogger was on the site and rushed back to his computer to describe to the world the scene of devastation and chaos he has witnessed. Also, what are other bloggers saying about the incident?

Syria: No Chrome for Syrians

  16 September 2008

Syrian Yaser Sadeq says Google new browser Chrome is not available in Syria because “our friends in Google corp. have decided or agreed to withhold their services from syrian users as part of the embargo by the U.S government against Syria.”

Lebanon: The Assassination's Echo

  11 September 2008

Mr Saleh Aridi was about to drive his car when a bomb planted under the driver-seat went off, killing him on the spot. Mr Aridi a well known top adviser to the government minister and pro-Syrian Druze leader Talal Arslan. With his death, the number of assassinated officials in Lebanon mounted to 11 since former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri's assassination on February 14, 2005. Lebanese bloggers react.

Syria: New Aggregator Launched

  11 September 2008

Ahmad [Ar] announces to his readers and to Syrian bloggers the launch of a new Syrian blog aggregator, AL-MUDAWWEN, and asks bloggers from his country to add their blogs here.

Syria: Rare Damascene Flower

  11 September 2008

Amr Fahham [Ar], from Damascus, appeals for help to save a rare Damascene flower – the Damascene Sawsan ( السوسن الدمشقي ), from extinction. He says that it only grows on Mountain Qassun.

Syria: Love of Twitterfox

  4 September 2008

Syrian blogger أدهم [ar] shares a love of the Firefox plugin Twitterfox, stating that Firefox “continues to shine” with its add-ons.