· June, 2008

Stories about Syria from June, 2008

Syria: Coup Plot Crushed

  16 June 2008

Joshua Landis links to reports about a coup plot against Syrian President Bashar al-Assad that was quietly crushed without the world noticing in Syria Comment.

Syria: Too Tired

  14 June 2008

“I can't sleep until I'm too tired to open my eyes, and once I do, I never want to wake up. I have dreams of everything I wanted to do, and nightmares of everything I did,” writes Syrian blogger Yazan, who lives in Japan.

Syria: No Shia'a Version for Holy Qur'an

  2 June 2008

Ahmad Nathir Bakdash [Ar] tells us that he has uploaded a version of the Holy Qur'an on the internet here. He notes that he hasn't found a version of the Holy Book for Shia'a as some claim and concludes his post by asserting that there is no such thing as...