· September, 2007

Stories about Syria from September, 2007

Syria: Sad State of Journalism

  28 September 2007

Sasa from Syria laments the sad state of journalism in the Arab world, citing examples from Jordan and Egypt in which journalists are jailed and fined.

Syria: What's on the Palate?

  22 September 2007

Perhaps because it's Ramadan, or because talking about the news is difficult, this week Syrian bloggers are focused on food. From the best recipes to those that make no sense at all, here's a roundup of this week's posts.

Syria: Worshipping Bashar Al Assad

  20 September 2007

Maytha, from Kabobfest is back in the US after a two-week visit to Syria. “The reason for the trip was to study Arabic and to learn how to become a better devoted worshipper of Bashar al-Asad,” she writes.

Syria: Message of Peace

  19 September 2007

Syrian blogger Yaser met with Giordano and Luca, two Italians, “travelling around the countries of the Mediterranean to spread the message of peace and harmony with a simple gesture ..a hug.” Click the link to read more.

Syria: Corporate BS

  18 September 2007

“Nothing pisses me off more than Corporate Bullshit. I’m not sure why Corporate Bullshit (CBS from here on in) works me up, but then again, people have the weirdest pet peeves. If you worked for a big company then you know what I’m talking about,” rants Syrian blogger Omar in...

Syria: Fish Recipe

  18 September 2007

Abu Fares, from Syria, shares Ramadan's spirit with his readers and dedicates to them a famous fish recipe.

Israel: The Plot Thickens

  18 September 2007

Snoopy the Goon from Israel writes: “As if it were not foggy enough, now we have Peter Beaumont of the Observer jumping into the fray with a new version of the event. First of all, he came up with a name for this sortie: Operation Orchard. Now, of course, the...

Iraq: Accident on the Way

  12 September 2007

HNK, from Iraq, updates us on life in Iraq, passing exams, holidays in Syria and an accident they met with on their way back to Iraq.

Israel: Syria Fires at Israeli Warplane

  6 September 2007

Aussie Dave, from Israel, wraps up reactions on the latest developments about the possible shooting of an Israeli warplane, which flew over Syrian airspace and dropped ammunition, by Syria.

Escaping Iraq

  6 September 2007

Iraqi blogger Riverbend writes a very touching post about escaping Iraq and its war to Syria. “My aunt and uncle watched us sorrowfully. There’s no other word to describe it. It was the same look I got in my eyes when I watched other relatives and friends prepare to leave....

Syria: Eating Pork

  5 September 2007

Maysaloon from Syria writes about why Muslims have certain reservations against pork – aside from religious considerations, of course.

Arabeyes: Countdown to Ramadhan

  5 September 2007

Ramadhan is a holy month in the Muslim calendar and it is celebrated in all Muslim countries, culminating with a feast or Eid after four weeks of fasting. Muslims are expected to stop eating and drinking, as well as refrain from sex and any 'impure' thoughts, from sunrise to sunset during this month. How are bloggers preparing for this month? Amira Al Hussaini tours Arab blogs to find out.

Syria: History, Culture and Identity

  2 September 2007

In our roundup this week, we will overlook politics again to talk more about the people. Abu Fares in this sensational post, laments the simplicity of the old Levantine-Mediterranean lifestyle. One that has been trenched and swept off with a new wave of “neo-cons” as he describes them, whether the...