· July, 2007

Stories about Syria from July, 2007

Arabeyes: Singers Banned in Syria and Terrorist Arabs at All Airports

  31 July 2007

A number of female Arab singers have been banned from singing in Syria - to put a limit to moral corruption. In another development, Arabs seem to be targeted at airports around the world, even in their own homes, where they are being treated like terrorists. These are just two of the conversations taking place in Arabic blogs this week.

Kurdistance: The Price of Oil

  19 July 2007

The oil control issue in the Northern Iraq/Southern Kurdistan city of Kirkuk is again at the forefront of Kurdish bloggers' fingertips. With large oil companies and the US pushing for the passing of a regulatory oil law in Iraq, fears reignite that a sinister "Plan B" might be launched in order to gain control of the oil reserves...involving a Turkish incursion into the region.

Kurdistance: The State of Kurdish Activism

  10 July 2007

Some may be surprised to hear that coverage of the Kurdish blogosphere has been appearing on Global Voices for longer than coverage of the Turkish blogospheres. Whereas the Turkish blogosphere has been expanding, the Kurdish blogosphere (at least the English language end) is slowly disappearing. Today's article will focus on the current state of Kurdish activism (as blogging can be considered as a primary element of that) and a new initiative that is designed to help extend the Kurdish voice.

Arabeyes: The Release of Alan Johnston

  4 July 2007

The release of kidnapped British journalist Alan Johnston is making waves on blogs today. Here's a quick review of what is being said on blogs in the Middle East. Vigil in Brussels to mark the fifth week of BBC reporter Alan Johnston's kidnapping in Gaza. Photo by quarsan. Qatar: From...