· June, 2007

Stories about Syria from June, 2007

Syria: Blogspot Unblocked

  30 June 2007

Sasa from the The Syria News Wire reports that the .blogspot domain has been unblocked in Syria, after many months of blocking all blogs on Blogger.com from being accessible from Syrian ISPs. It comes as good news to the blogsphere that has suffered immensely from the ban.

Syrian Blogsphere: Reform, Arab Nationalism and Travel

  28 June 2007

Why was a Syrian student blogger sued in the US? What should the Syrians do in Lebanon? Where is Arab Nationalism leading us to and what do you feel when you pack five cities into 11 days? These are some of the issues Syrian bloggers were talking about in this week's review by Yazan Badran.

50,000 Iraqi Prostitutes in Syria

  25 June 2007

Wassim from Syria gives us a bird's view into the life of Iraqi prostitutes in Syria, claiming that there are around 50,000 of them in his country.

Arabeyes: World Refugee Day – Focus on Iraq

  20 June 2007

As the world marks the World Refugee Day today, the Middle East finds itself again at the centre of a mounting humanitarian tragedy. With more than 4 million of the 10 million refugees being Iraqi, let us see what bloggers are saying about this mounting humanitarian tragedy, often neglected by mainstream media.

Iraq: Mounting Refugee Crisis

  13 June 2007

What brings Iraqis to Syria, asks Alive in Baghdad, which highlights the Iraqi refugee crisis. “There are at least 4.2 million Iraqis displaced from their homes, with 2.2 million now believed to be outside Iraq. The UN has now warned the number should be expected to rise to 5 million...

Iran: Playing games with democracy is really risky

  5 June 2007

Mohammad Ali Abtahi, former reformist vice president and blogger, says a referendum, held in Syria last Sunday, endorsed president Bashar Al-Assad for a second seven – year with 97 percent of the votes.He adds president Bashar Al–Assad that the Syrian government had better to announce the result more reasonably in...

Syria: Creative Forum Launched

  5 June 2007

Writing at Syria Comment, Camille Alexandre Otrakji announces the launch of Syria's Creative Forum. ‘For the Forum’s first monthly discussion topic, I invited some of the best Syrian bloggers and analysts to tackle the following question concerning the Golan Heights: “If you could write a one page letter to an...