· February, 2007

Stories about Syria from February, 2007

Syria: Iraqi Refugees

  27 February 2007

Matthew Carrington visits an area inhabited by Iraqi refugees and shows us fleeting moments of their lives here.

Syrian Blogsphere: Free Kareem, Towards a Democratic Syria, Arabism and More

  26 February 2007

The Syrian blogsphere reacted to the news about the sentencing of Egyptian blogger Kareem Nabil Sulaiman with disgust. Abu Kareem from Levantine Dreamhouse wrote… The language of the charges is sickeningly familiar. It is the language that paranoid authoritarian governments use when they feel threatened, when someone tells the TRUTH....

Lebanon's War, Again

  26 February 2007

How will the Lebanese get over their past if they don't discuss it, says Syrian blogger Abu Kareem. “Many if not most Lebanese children get their education in non-secular schools that teach different versions of the history of Lebanon. All schools, however, seem to agree on one thing; when it...

Syrian Blogsphere in a Week

  18 February 2007

We start off with a very special goodbye from Brian Anthony… Brian has lived, taught, and blogged from Damascus for more than two years, he returned to the US a couple of months ago… We all want to wish him the best of luck. This was his last goodbye post...

Lebanon: Anti-Syria Sentiments ‘Real’

  15 February 2007

Lebanese blogger Mustafa says although a rally in Beirut yesterday was tarnished by useless gimmicks, it showed that the anti-Syrian majority ‘is definitely not “fictional”.’

Syria: Passport Renewal Not Fun

  12 February 2007

Syrian blogger Bassam shares his experiences in renewing his passport. “Although I was offered to have an intelligence agent go with me to make things go “smooth”, but being stubborn and adventurous I figured I’d do it by myself,” he writes.

Kurdistance: A Medley

  8 February 2007

Welcome to this week's edition of Kurdistance, where we will roam the world over to see what the Kurds are discussing. Diaspora News Most of the Kurdish bloggers are Diaspora, but this week we are going to look at the areas in which they are talking about. Vladimir, who writes...

Syria: Al Assad Interview

  5 February 2007

Blogger Joshua Landis, writing in Syria Comment, informs us that ABC News’ Diane Sawyer was back in Damascus where she interviewed President Bashar Al-Assad.

Syria: The Politicisation of Global Warming

  1 February 2007

Syrian blogger Omar gives us an interesting synopsis of a paper on global warming, which stresses that “the (US) government intervenes with genuine scientific studies, in an attempt to delude the public of the serious, and eminent problem of global warming.”