· November, 2006

Stories about Syria from November, 2006

Syria: Direct Idiom Translation

  30 November 2006

“One of the funniest things for any bilingual person to do is to directly translate idioms from one language into another,” Omar said. Check out some of these from Arabic to English.

Kurdistance: It's Quiet Out Here

  30 November 2006

One of the hardest things about reporting on various blogospheres is the natural ebb and flow of people's writings. The past two weeks in the Kurdish blogosphere have been strangely quiet, the kind of quiet that is found before a great storm. Hiwa from Hiwa Hopes writes about the rampant...

Syria: 8 Syrian Students Face Trial for Starting Discussion Group

  28 November 2006

On Novermber 28th, 2006 the Supreme State Security Court (SSSC) of Syria held the first trial for eight youth arrested for founding a public discussion group on cultural issues, including current cultural and political issues in Syria. No one has heard any news from them for over nine months as...

Syria: Study in Japanese

  28 November 2006

How to explain Newton's law in Japanese when your mother tongue is Arabic and you are fluent in English, but not that comfortable in Japanese? Yazan, seems to be struggling in his studies in Japanese!

Omar: CNN Biased Against Syria

  24 November 2006

Blogger Omar, who lives in Canada, says the media – and especially CNN – are biased against Syria in their coverage of Lebanese Industry Minister Pierre Gemayel's assassination.

Arabisc: Plagiarism, Arrests, Bans and Democracy!

  23 November 2006

The Arabs are as usual busy this week debating anything and everything, from plagiarism to the arrest of bloggers, and from banning public meetings to embarrising George Bush Senior at a conference held in the UAE. Ahmed from Egypt had always wanted to become a journalist. But because not all...

Kurdistance: Picking up the pieces

  16 November 2006

After a month's hiatus, Kurdistance is back up and running…and attempting to pick up the pieces of Kurdish opinion floating out there in the blogosphere. The big issues this month have been the Saddam Hussein verdict, the US in Iraq, and the flooding in Northern Kurdistan/Southeast Turkey. The Saddam Verdict:...