· September, 2006

Stories about Syria from September, 2006

Syria: Democracy vs. Engagement!

  28 September 2006

While the Democracy Faith seems to have been based on the assumption that authoritarianism and corruption in the Broader Middle East and North Africa region seem to play a role in encouraging international terrorism, the Engagement Faith is premised on the assumption that authoritarian regimes are much more capable of...


  27 September 2006

Onnik Krikorian from Oneworld Multimedia has written a series of wonderful articles about the Yezidis, ethnic Kurds, who live in Georgia and Armenia. Traditionally, information gathered about the Yezidis focus on those that live in Southern Kurdistan/Northern Iraq, which makes Onnik's article an incredibly valuable cultural resource. Rasti writes this...

Syria: Syria takes over the Arab World

  25 September 2006

Today the airwaves are filled with the Syrian dialect. Syria is once again producing most of the Arab World's Ramadan television. A quick flick through the channels shows Syrian series on almost every channel. From the classical Arabic history dramas on Moroccan TV, to the comedies on Tunisian TV and...

Syrian Blogsphere in a Week

  24 September 2006

To kick off this week, Ghalia welcomes the holy month of Ramadan in her special way, with another beautiful shot of her camera… “Ramadan is the (month) in which was sent down the Qur-an, as a guide to mankind, also Clear (Signs) for guidance and judgment (between right and wrong)…”...


  22 September 2006

First up on this week's edition of Kurdistance, there has been a fantastic conversation about the Kurdish Question on the Washington Post's PostGlobal feature. The conversation has been very active for several weeks now, I would recommend reading it and joining in! Save Roj TV, whose courgeous work we have...

Pope, American Embassy and Others

  18 September 2006

This week was an extremely busy week for all Syrian bloggers, notably Political Blogs had to make a number of updates, since the political atmosphere in syria was swirling with possibilities and different analysis of the aftermath of the latest attack on the US Embassy in Damascus, and the successful...

Five years on from 9/11, the world remembers

  12 September 2006

The mainstream media in many countries have been preoccupied with events in the United States to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Centre and Pentagon on 9/11 2001. But the repercussions of these events have spread across the globe and people far beyond New York...

Syria: Damascus Attack

  12 September 2006

The American teacher is Syria describe his first reaction to today's terrorist attack on American Embassy at Damascus. He says: “It was breaktime, and a group of students were refreshing my memory about the plot of the Julia Roberts classic, “Runaway Bride” when my student Ahmad broke in abruptly. “There...

Syrian Blogsphere in a Week

  12 September 2006

To start off this week, we have Brian Anthony‘s testimonial of what his reflections were exactly five years ago, September 11, 2001. But as I was watching the towers explode over and over again, I couldn't really muster a sense of shock and amazement. And while I felt sickened and...

Syria: What were you doing, America?

  11 September 2006

Brian Anthony wonders: In the decade before the 3,000 innocents died on 9/11, over 100 times that many innocents died in Iraq through UN-imposed sanctions…So perhaps a more introspective question, a slightly tougher one than ‘What were you doing on 9-11?’ is this: What were you doing, America, for the...

Syria: Tourism and cultural events

  8 September 2006

Syria is witnessing a thriving cultural and tourism activity during this time of the year. There will be the Heritage &Culture Festival which will take place from 15 th to 22 nd of September and will include many concerts and cultural activities through out Damascus, Yaser said.