· August, 2006

Stories about Syria from August, 2006

Syria: Peaceful Change Forum

  31 August 2006

Ammar is calling to hold a closed forum of well-known intellectuals and dissidents with the purpose of coming up with a draft for a Syrian national pact or charter where all issues related to peaceful change in the country. Then, he will demand that Syrian opposition groups sign on to...


  30 August 2006

The most horrible of things has just happened to me….my RSS feed for the Kurdish blogs, well for lack of a better term..hiccupped…and all of my feeds are gone. So in dealing with this crisis, today's post probably will leave a few people out. Thankfully all of my work is...

Syria: Syrian-Israeli peace talks

  22 August 2006

Ammar has no problem with the resumption of Syrian-Israeli peace talks provided certain conditions are met, namely that they take place within the framework of a wider regional initiative that includes Iran, and that the issues of internal reforms is put on the table.

Kurdistance: Three Week Update

  16 August 2006

After a brief hiatus, I'm back and clicking away…three weeks have passed and we have a lot to cover…. At the end of July it was announced that Bayan Sami Abdul Rahman would be doing a promotional tour of the US and Europe to talk about The Other Iraq- Iraqi...

Syria: Reasons Syria must be Included in a Lebanon Solution

  9 August 2006

The debate over whether to find a diplomatic solution to the Lebanon conflict or to press for a total military victory is becoming ever more heated. More and more analysts are pressing President Bush to talk to Damascus. Joshua Landis sums up the arguments for and against.

Syria: Hamas Official Abducted and Tortured

  9 August 2006

“While the whole world is preoccupied with the situation in Lebanon, Israel has been taking this chance to kill more civilians in Gaza, and kidnap the odd cabinet minister from the democratically elected Hamas government. Israel's latest victim is the speaker of the parliament, Aziz Dwaik, who was abducted from...

Syria: The Pawns of War!

  1 August 2006

Unless we can make some real breakthroughs that can help us deliver a different message to this particular segment of the populace, demography in our part of the world will continue to be on the side of tyranny, and our children will continue to be the fodder thereof and the...