· June, 2006

Stories about Syria from June, 2006


  28 June 2006

No tricks or wittiness today folks, here is just the straight skinny on the Kurdish Blogosphere. Hiwa Hopes this week gives a great link to an article about the frustration of a Kurdish immigrant to the UK about the lack of mixer taps. And honestly, I didn't know that the...

Syria: Authoritarianism

  27 June 2006

Syrian comment on the cultural inclination which was cited by a study that claims that there is no anti-democratic attitude within the Mideast cultures. Syrian said: “While its true that an individual may not object to a democratic form of government does not explain his acceptance of the alternative. Syrians...

Syrian Blogsphere in a Week

  25 June 2006

To start off with a rather hot topic, it's politics, with Ammar Abdulhamid asking THE question… How Secure Is the Assads Regime, Really? To many observers of Syrian affairs, especially in the aftermath of the vaguely-worded report by Brammertz and in view of the growing alliance with Iran, the Assads...

Syria: Who's an Arab?

  23 June 2006

Amr was asked by an American friend; who's an Arab? Amr could not find an easy answer, so he made a research, which you might find interesting to read.


  21 June 2006

Normally I try to find a reoccurring theme for my weeklies, however this week turned out to be a bit of a Kurdish hodge-podge. Sami from Iraqi Thoughts writes some ranting tidbits about Saddam, Al Zarqawi and his new outlook for the future: I think that I am chaning in...

Syria: So what about the Golan?

  19 June 2006

Rime Allaf sadly writes; it is necessary today to remind the world – including the Syrian people – of this fact, as in the last six years, somehow, the issue of the Golan Heights has been wiped off the international agenda, being overtaken by Syria's interference in Lebanon (now itself...

Kurdistance: Wednesday?

  14 June 2006

Today is Wednesday, correct? I just came back from organizing a conference for work and well…my mental faculities are not up to their normal snuff. So today, we will quickly review the top five posts from the Kurdish blogosphere. #1-Sami from An Iraqi's Thoughts is back writing again after a...