· May, 2006

Stories about Syria from May, 2006

Kurdistance: NGO Project Update

  31 May 2006

Ok, so maybe the title of today's post is a little bit of a misnomer, but our commentators today all mention NGO projects…and I'll give you some extra links to other Kurdish NGO projects as well. Pearls of Iraq officially starts her purple ribbon campaign for the people of Iraq...

Syria: Six years in power

  29 May 2006

Six years into his administration, how significant are the reforms Bashar Al Assad put in place? Read Rime Allaf's opinion.

Kurdistance: What's Montenegro Got to Do With It?

  24 May 2006

And yes, there was the Tina Turner song “What's love got to do with it?” floating in my head in the background when I wrote that title. While the world watched the vote creating an independent Montenegro, the Kurds were watching the same events with mixed feelings. Hiwa from Hiwa...

Syrian Blogsphere in a Week

  22 May 2006

This week the Syrian blogsphere was mostly busy discussing the latest developments in Syria. Last week the Syrian security forces initiated the largest crackdown on opposition figures and dissidents since President Bashar al-Assad came to power in 2000. Ammar Abdulhamid of Amarji has an interesting analysis of this escalation from...

Kurdistance: Finding Rebirth in Grief

  17 May 2006

For my regular readers, I apologize for my absence, I lost a much beloved Uncle to Cancer of the Esophagus and was away dealing with family matters. In reading through the Kurdish blogs this week, I found a posting From Holland to Kurdistan with a similar situation: I feel sorry...

Syria: Kubaisi women

Ammar talks about the interesting now celebrated phenomenon of the Kubaisi women – the orthodox sufi women movement founded by the Syrian scholar and teacher, Munira Kubaisi, a.k.a. the Miss. The movement which began in the early 60s in Damascus is now an international one with centers all over the...