· March, 2006

Stories about Syria from March, 2006

Kurdistance: Echoes of Violence, Identity and the New Year

  29 March 2006

What makes a people, a people? What defines a group: a common voice, a common history, culture, a blogging engine? Just as the Iranians, the Kurds celebrate New Year or Newroz every March. Among the celebrations and the well wishes given, there is an underlying sadness and strength that defines...

Syrian Blogsphere in a week

  12 March 2006

The Syrian blogsphere took a very important step this week, launching Syria Planet. The first online portal for All Syrian bloggers. Encouraged by the blogging boom Syria witnessed this last year. Ayman Hourieh, one of the Administrators of Syria Planet says… Syria Planet, the community site for Syrian bloggers, is...

Syria: In Baath … who trusts?

  9 March 2006

Rime Allaf says: “Apparently, the Syrian people do not need human rights (even though this was an approved EU initiative). They do not need freedom of expression either (but such treatment and intimidation of journalists is old news). Apparently, what Syrians really, desperately need (and the entire Arab world with...

Syria: Syria Planet

  9 March 2006

Syria Planet, the community site for Syrian bloggers, is now online, it features an aggregator of member blogs (Syrian or about Syria), and forums for arranging activities and meetings, and discussing what's going on in Syria and the blogosphere, among the other things, Ayman said.


  8 March 2006

Wow, it's Wednesday again, with school and several threatening comments on my personal blog today I almost forgot. But don't worry dear readers, I am here to give you your weekly fix of Kurdish blogs! For a quick update on last week's column, I had reported about a blog site...

Syrian Blogsphere in a week

  5 March 2006

A diverse week for the Syrian blogsphere. To start off with politics, Omar from Earth to Omar has an interesting post citing the major developments in the Middle East in the last 6 years. Noting how the right-wing governments in the west are directly influencing into more radical right-wing governments...

Kurdistance: Quick Quips

  1 March 2006

I thought that we would begin today with a little story from Talk about the Passion: Of course, it also can be quite an ordeal when you're trying to manage 30+ rambunctious 5th graders. The endeavor required our school's armed guards to escort us up the mountain (they must've figured...