· January, 2006

Stories about Syria from January, 2006

Syria: Blog Censorship in Syria

27 January 2006

The Syrian Domari (Arabic) yesterday became the first blog to be censored in Syria. Syria Mirror reported today that the Syrian Computer Society, one of two government-owned internet service providers in Syria, has blocked access to the Syrian Domari. The unprecedented move comes two months after anonymous bloggers (Arabic) launched...

Travels in the Kurdish Blogosphere

  25 January 2006

As reported by the Kurdistan Blog Count several new Kurdish blogs in English were found. The first of which Talk about the Passion is actually written by an American going to teach for the next six months in Northern Iraq/Southern Kurdistan. While he has just started teaching there, he has...

The Kurdish Blogs-The 3 Week Update

  18 January 2006

I have been remiss in my duties to you, dear Global Voices readers, in not posting about the Kurdish Blogosphere for three weeks. Today I will try to catch you up in the ongoings of the Kurds in this new year. As to why I missed my articles, let's just...

Syria: Khaddam chances are?

18 January 2006

For Khaddam, chances are he is simply too corrupt for other people in the opposition to approach. Should he drastically temper and revise his expectations, he might have a chance of appealing to some. One thing is clear though: he will not be allowed to become the leader of the...

Syria: Resistance against Syrian regime

9 January 2006

Ammer says that Khaddam’s call for popular resistance against the Assad regime, reiterated in several interviews he gave over the last few days, are serving to make some people question the wisdom behind calling for work stoppage at this stage. For most people at this stage might think that such...

Syria: Why Khaddam?

2 January 2006

AfterKhaddam shacked the earth under Syrians, Aleppous wonders, why would a man who for the past 40 years served his country loyally, occupying two of the most important jobs – foreign affairs and the vice-presidency — suddenly turn on his country? Ammar says, despite its sensationalist nature, we really should...