· September, 2005

Stories about Syria from September, 2005

Syria: Free Elections

29 September 2005

Sasa from The Syrian News Wire says that 2007 local council (municipal) elections in Syria will be true test of these promises by Baath Party.

The Kurdish Blogosphere-Identities of Silence

  29 September 2005

Recently on the Iraqi Bloggers Central an epic seven part update on the Kurdish/Iraqi blogs was written. While the summary was excellent (and a highly recommended read!) it also begs the question why were the Kurdish blogs and the Iraqi blogs linked together? It all comes down to the issue...

Welcome to the Kurdish Blogosphere-Revisited

  21 September 2005

Welcome to our second installment of the introduction to the Kurdish Blogosphere; where we will discuss the various types of blogs. Cultural Kurdish culture isn't easy to define as it varies from region to region, but it can be said that the heart of Kurdish Culture lies within the land...

Welcome to the Kurdish Blogosphere

  14 September 2005

The subject of Kurdistan (be it in a political or idealist setting) has always been a controversial one. While no political entity of Kurdistan exists, the topic of establishing a homeland for the Kurds (the largest single ethnic group in the world without their own state) is still a primary...

Syria: Blogging in Syria

5 September 2005

The Syrian News Wire says that even Syria has one of the lowest number of blogs in the Arab world, but that's not stopping their rapid growth. Since the explosion of media attention on Syria in 2005, the number of Syrian blogs has leaped to about 50.