· August, 2005

Stories about Syria from August, 2005

Syria: First private TV channel

17 August 2005

The Syrian News Wire reports that international pressure group forces Syrian government to set up new radio station in Homs. Homs is set to get a new ststion, after an international media workshop took place in the city.

Syria: Syrian Local Committee for the Missing

11 August 2005

Rime Allaf says that if this committee's chairman is true to his word, the whole world will soon be talking about the issue and forcing relevant governments to find missing Syrians in Lebanon, missing Palestinians in Lebanon, missing Lebanese in Lebanon, missing Syrians in Syria, missing Palestinians in Syria, and...

Syria: Iran takes the heat

11 August 2005

The Syrian News Wire belives that Iran's new president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was the best thing to happen to Syria in the last two years. But the worst thing Syria could do is associate itself with Iran.

Lebanon: Ending Jihad

11 August 2005

Lebanese Political Journal says that the scariest part about Islamic jihadists is that they are uncontrollable. But where do you go if you are Syrian and want to blow stuff up and ride in planes?

Blogging Survey

  10 August 2005

Maha is doing research for her Masters about blogging in Jordan, Syria, and Lebanon . If you are living in any of these countries, go ahead and share your experience by taking this survey.

Syria: Syria's first private TV channel

2 August 2005

Syria's first private TV channel is scheduled to go on the air on September 1, reports the Syrian News Wire. It should be noted that the channel's broadcast facilities are actually located in Dubai.