· February, 2011

Stories about Palestine from February, 2011

Palestine: Demands for a Unified Nation set for March 15

  26 February 2011

As the Arab world witnesses one uprising after uprising, seeing dictators fall and others exposed one after another, the Palestinian case looks like the ultimate goal. Palestinian youth intend to take their own fate in their hands and call for a unified Palestine with rallies set to start on March 15.

East Jerusalem: Sheikh Jarrah is renamed Tahrir Square by activists

  4 February 2011

The weekly solidarity march of Palestinian and Israeli activists in the East Jerusalem Neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah this morning, was marked by a solidarity protest with the people of Egypt. Protesters carried an Egyptian flag and changed the name of Shaikh Jarrah garden to Tahrir Square. Click for photo

Palestine: Anger At Palestine Papers

  4 February 2011

Al Jazeera’s release of the Palestine Papers, hundreds of documents related to Israeli-Palestinian negotiations, has provoked strong reactions throughout the Palestinian blogosphere. In this post we hear from bloggers in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip, who have expressed their opinions both about the papers, and Al Jazeera’s role in releasing them.