· June, 2010

Stories about Palestine from June, 2010

Israel: World Cup Bonanza – Back to the Game

  20 June 2010

Maya Norton's attempts to find World Cup reactions in Israeli blogs are being foiled by a minor dilemma - it seems that most Israeli World Cup fans are too busy watching the games to blog about it. Here's a sampling from bloggers who found the time.

Israel: Dubious Thanks to USAID

  20 June 2010

JoeSettler posts a photo of a sign he often passes that reads, “This [road] is a gift from the American people to the Palestinian people.” “What I think that USAID overlooked,” he comments, “Is that Jews also use this road regularly.” According to their website, USAID has donated $1 billion...

Sri Lanka: Reflections On The Problems In Gaza

  19 June 2010

Sri Lankan MP and blogger Rajiva Wijesinha reflects on the adjournment of resolution on the problems in Gaza: “the world is desperately in need of consensus based on universally accepted principles of justice, rather than continuing indulgence to old victims by old victimizers.”

Israel: iPhone Weather App Divides Jerusalem

  14 June 2010

If you want to know the weather for Jerusalem on your iPhone, you're going to have to get specific, reports Jewlicious‘ CK. You will now have to choose between East and West Jerusalem. “On the Yahoo weather page East Jerusalem’s weather is in Palestinian Occupied Territories >West Bank >Jerusalem and...

Israel: Violence, Non-Violence, and Palestinian Solidarity

  14 June 2010

In “7 Reasons I'm Conflicted about the Fredom Flotilla” Daniel Sieradski writes: “By engaging in violence…[the activists] have demonstrated succinctly to Israel's supporters and allies that they, and by extension all Palestinian solidarity activists, are neither non-violent nor pro-peace. This hampers their cause and the greater cause of Palestinian liberation.”

Global Voices: We are listening

  11 June 2010

Soon after Israel's deadly raid on a flotilla carrying aid to Gaza, one post on Global Voices sparked furious critique on Twitter. Tarek Amr in Egypt summarizes the debate.

Egypt: The First Starbucks Protest in Egypt

  10 June 2010

The Gaza-bound Flotilla Raid has sparked an uprising in Egypt. Zeinobia covered the first Starbucks Protest in Egypt; A video and photographs were also posted by Sarah Carr and Mostafa Hussein.

USA: American student loses eye in West Bank protest

  6 June 2010

One of the many protests that erupted after Israel's deadly raid on the Turkish aid convoy ended in tragedy for a 21-year-old American student, Emily Henochowicz, who was protesting in the occupied West Bank, at the Qalandiya checkpoint on May 31.

Maghreb: Overwhelming Support for Flotilla Activists

  6 June 2010

The global outcry following the deadly Israeli attack on the Gaza-bound Freedom Flotilla has been reflected on streets across the world and throughout the Internet, on social networks and personal blogs. Hisham looks at reactions from the Maghreb in this post.

Israel: Demonstrations Outside Prison Where Flotilla Passengers Held

  6 June 2010

Joseph Dana posts a video of demonstrators waving Turkish and Palestinian flags in front of the prison in Beer-Sheva, Israel, where the passengers of the flotilla were being housed until deportation. Video is in Arabic and Hebrew with no subtitles, but you can still get a sense of the action.

Worldwide: Demonstrations for Palestine

  6 June 2010

Roba from Jordan published pictures from different demonstrations world wide against Israel's last attack on the Gaza Freedom Flotilla, in Holland, Greece, Egypt, United Kingdom, Lebanon, Pakistan, Malaysia, Sweden, France, Turkey, India, Italy, Canada, Spain, Belgium, United States, Bulgaria and Austria.

Iraq: The Flotilla Attack – A Series of Double Standards

  5 June 2010

Iraqi bloggers, whose country has been at the receiving end of sanctions, terrorist attacks, tyranny, Al-Qaida extremists, and wars for a very long time, are having mixed reactions to Israel's attack on the Gaza-bound flotilla. Tarek Amr rounds up their opinions in this post.