· September, 2009

Stories about Palestine from September, 2009

Israel: “Ajami” Reveals Nuanced Look at Israeli Society

  27 September 2009

The film "Ajami" was the big winner at last night's Ophir Prizes and will continue on to international audiences as Israel's foreign film nominee for the 2010 Academy Awards. Israeli bloggers comment on the film, which touches on coexistence between people of different religions.

Israel: Palestinian TV Comedy Wins Applause from Bloggers

  27 September 2009

“Country on a String,” a new Palestinian comedy that aired during Ramadan, is being hailed by Israeli bloggers for its creative irreverence. Tamar Orvell of Only Connect writes: “I salute my brave Palestinian cousins who pick up pens, not guns, and who look within and without in a bid for...

Israel/Palestine: Mocking Qaddafi on Wikipedia

  27 September 2009

Qaddafi = dog? Mu-ha-med of The Traveler Within reports: “I don't what was it that ticked an anonymous user to edit his Wikipedia page, changing the Libyan leader's name in Arabic from “Muammar Al-Qaddhafi معمر القذافـي” to “DOG كلب.”

Arab Diaspora: Shall I Marry a Non-Arab?

  14 September 2009

Arab women living in diaspora have hard questions to answer. Should they marry non-Arabs, non-Muslims or converts to Islam? Palestinian blogger Mona, who lives in Canada and blogs at Rebellious Arab Girl, opens a can of worms when she asks these questions in a post, which has attracted 162 comments so far.

Palestine: Scenes from Gaza

  14 September 2009

For uprooted Palestinians, a trip home is a hard and painful experience. Palestinian blogger Ibrahim [Ar] visits Gaza, and finds himself speechless. He leaves us with a photo album to sum up his visit.

Palestine: The 9/11 Industry

  12 September 2009

While Katrina is a distant memory, the anniversary of the September 11 terror attacks on the US is being used to fuel a “9/11 industry,” writes Al Falasteeniya.

Egypt: Cairo Airport Security Strikes Again

  10 September 2009

Bikya Masr reported: “First, an American citizen was barred from entering the country last week and sent back to London. Now, a Palestinian-Norwegian mother of two was stopped by security as she attempted to board her flight to Amsterdam on Monday morning, being told she was a “national security risk”...

Palestine: Travelers Say Israel is Illegally Denying Access

  9 September 2009

Travelers to the Palestinian West Bank are now facing new restrictions. Visas obtained from Israeli consulates for their visit are stamped "Palestinian Authority areas only" in violation of the 1995 Oslo II Accords which allow unhindered movement for foreign travelers to Israel. Jillian C. York reports.

Palestine: A Change Of Language

  7 September 2009

In Gaza, Abu el Sharif has decided to start blogging in English instead of Arabic: “I really need to be more rude, and talk a little more about the shit we live here, without thinking too much about the results!”

Palestine: New Blog on Land Grab

  6 September 2009

Marcy Newman announces on her blog Body on the Line: “my dear friend rami and i have started a new blog to catalog the ongoing nakbas (catastrophes) that happen every day in palestine, lebanon, syria as the result of a zionist land grab.”

Palestine: A Call From The Prime Minister

  4 September 2009

Palestinian journalist Daoud Kuttab writes on his blog about receiving a phone call from Prime Minister Salam Fayyad: “In nearly 29 years of my journalist work and the thousands of articles I had written on behalf of Palestine and Palestinian issues, never had any senior Palestinian official ever called me...

Palestine: Encountering Fear

  4 September 2009

In the United States, Palestinian blogger Laila El Haddad recently spoke to a woman who seemed nervous of her: ‘”Where are you from?” I asked, detecting an East European accent. She hesitated a moment, and blurted out, “From Israel – PLEASE DON’T KILL ME.”‘

Palestine: Trying To Learn In Gaza

  4 September 2009

In Gaza, Eva Bartlett writes: “Palestinians have an exceedingly high drive to learn and attain higher education. Of course, here in a besieged Strip, with even school materials deemed non-vital by the Israeli overlords, education is a challenge.”