· August, 2009

Stories about Palestine from August, 2009

Palestine: Qatayef, A Special Ramadan Dessert

  25 August 2009

During Ramadan one of the special dishes enjoyed throughout the Arab world is qatayef, small pancakes stuffed with various sweet fillings. One blogger in Gaza has watched them being made, and another Gazan blogger provides a recipe.

Global: Ramadan Mubarak

  24 August 2009

With the advent of Ramadan around the globe this weekend, Muslim and non-Muslim bloggers everywhere are wishing each other Ramadan mubarak (or "blessed Ramadan").

Palestine: Gaza's Culture Of Resistance

  20 August 2009

The first feature film produced by Hamas had its premiere in Gaza on August 1, part of an attempt by the movement to win support through cultural initiatives, building a "culture of resistance". In the same week, a play about filmmaking opened in Gaza. Bloggers have attended both, and give us their opinions.

Israel: Double Standards?

  16 August 2009

From Israel, Orly comments on media and online reactions to the bombing of a mosque and the killing of an Al Qaeda-inspired Islamic extremist group in Gaza over the weekend. “I can’t help but shake my head and ask, do these people have amnesia? In December Israel used the same...

Egypt: Blindfolding Lesson

  16 August 2009

Egyptian Moftasa discusses the impact of blindfolding when used for torture, noting the impact on the perpetrator. “We have to learn from both parties, if we want to understand its results more and perhaps stop people from inflicting it,” he adds.

Palestine: In Jail For Being Palestinian

  14 August 2009

In the West Bank, Samuel Nichols writes: “A man came to our house, asking, ‘Where is Nasser?’ I didn't quite know how to respond, because Nasser is in jail. He's not in jail because he did anything wrong. He's in jail because he's Palestinian.”

Palestine: Reactions to Launch of Google.ps

  13 August 2009

Google is adding the domain google.ps to its line up of sites offering localized search. The new Google domain is intended to work in the West Bank and Gaza, where Palestinian Internet service providers (ISPs) operate.

Palestine: Gaza War Cemetery

  13 August 2009

In Gaza, Canadian activist Eva Bartlett writes about a visit to the Gaza war cemetery, where over 3,600 soldiers of different countries are buried.

Palestine: Remembering Shafiq Al Hout

  9 August 2009

On 2 August, founder member of the Palestine Liberation Organisation (PLO) Shafiq Al Hout died. Al Hout helped found the PLO in 1964, was appointed PLO representative in Lebanon, and survived ten Israeli assassination attempts during the Lebanese Civil War. Arab bloggers have been paying tribute.

Palestine: Hebron Full Of Tension

  6 August 2009

In the West Bank, the blogger at Minnesoterblog posts photos of Hebron, saying: “Hebron’s mix of hard-line ideological settlers (mostly of American and French origin) that live in and control the old city give it a tense atmosphere.”

Israel, Palestine: Free Virtual Computer Conquers Wall

  5 August 2009

A new Israeli-Palestinian Internet start-up called G.ho.st is taking on Microsoft and Google in the competition to develop a “cloud computing” operating system that allows people to access all their files and software via the Internet.

Palestine: Palestinians and the Nakba

  4 August 2009

“I used to wonder what it would be like to be part of the so-called nakba generation. i don't wonder anymore, as i realize now that despite the passage of time, i am in fact a part of it,” admits Al Falasteenyia as she laments the reality of Palestinians.

Palestine: School Graduation In Gaza

  1 August 2009

The tawjihi is the general secondary examination in Gaza, the West Bank and Jordan, and it determines a student's choice of university and major. This year the exams were held simultaneously in the West Bank and Gaza and hailed as a sign of national unity.