· June, 2009

Stories about Palestine from June, 2009

Palestine: Harsh Treatment By Egyptian Border Authorities

  30 June 2009

Lebanese activist Natalie Abou Shakra, who has been in the Gaza Strip for seven months, is now being prevented from entering Egypt by the Egyptian authorities. Witnessing the treatment of Palestinians at the border she says: “They have been taught to accept this treatment. But, as activists, it is our...

Palestine: Learn From Palestinians

  28 June 2009

In the West Bank, Samuel Nichols describes visiting a Palestinian family: “These people don't need to learn about modern economics, democracy, or the peace process. The opposite is true, we all need to learn from them. The graciousness, kindness, and love of their hospitality is something that could change the...

Palestine: Rafah Crossing Open For 72 Hours

  28 June 2009

Laila El-Haddad is hoping she will see her parents soon, as the Rafah Crossing from Gaza into Egypt is temporarily opened: “Of the some 5000 Palestinians registered to cross, only 250 were allowed out of Gaza on the first day (a total of 5 buses), and only 4 buses scheduled...

Israel/Palestine: Travels With A Surfboard

  28 June 2009

Jesse Aizenstat is an American surfer who has been visiting Israel and Palestine – and he has carried his surfboard everywhere: “Walk from the Jerusalem bus station to the Muslim Quarter. This took about a half-hour; perhaps more because of inquisitive strangers questioning my sanity for bringing a surfboard to...

Israel/Palestine: Human Rights Activist Reports on Mission

  28 June 2009

Reporting from Israel, human rights activist Rae Abileah reflects on her recent Gaza solidarity mission. “It felt really powerful to be taking a stand against occupation in this very tangible way.” She adds, “While I know that we enjoy the privileges of these fun-filled actions, there is an ever-present awareness...

Palestine: Website Honors Memory of Fallen Daughters

  28 June 2009

Among the casualties of the Gaza war with Israel this winter were four young women of the Abuelaish family. Daughters For Life is Dr. Izzeldin Abuelaish's tribute to their memory. Jewschool calls it: “A powerful endorsement of non-violence in the face of Palestinian extremism and Israeli belligerence.”

Palestine: Open Letter To President Obama

  25 June 2009

Members of the Christian Peacemaker Teams in the West Bank have posted an open letter to President Obama: “We ask you to demand that Israel stop its campaign of violence against the Palestinian people.”

Palestine: Ten Reasons Settlers Should Go

  23 June 2009

Joy in Palestine continues her list of why the illegal settlers of the Havot Ma’on outpost and Ma’on settlement in the West Bank south of Hebron must leave; in this post she gives reason number three.

Palestine: Discussing The Arabic Blogosphere

  22 June 2009

Palestinian blogger Laila El-Haddad recently took part in a panel discussing the Berkman Center's report Mapping the Arabic Blogosphere: “Palestinian blogs signalled relatively low on the radar; it appears bridge bloggers and social networking sites or online forums figure more prominently.”