· August, 2008

Stories about Palestine from August, 2008

Palestine: Return of the Prisoners

  26 August 2008

From Palestine, Body On the Line describes the return of Palestinian prisoners from Israel in this post, and compare it to the reception the freed Lebanese prisoners received.

Palestine: I want a vending machine

  26 August 2008

“I don’t care how much those suckers cost, I will even take a loan out, and I will buy a vending machine!” writes Palestinian Rebellious Arab Girl, who lives in Canada. She complains that the cost of soft drinks and candy have increased on campus.

Palestine: A New Blogging Revolution

  25 August 2008

Blogger Times, a blogging magazine written by Arab bloggers, covering new developments and current issues within the Arab blogging world, has published a new story called Blogging.. a Palestinian revolution.” How is the blogging scene in Palestine and what should bloggers focus on?

Arabeyes: The Olympics, Pride, Equality and Hope

  24 August 2008

Millions around the world were glued to their television screens watching their favourite athletes at this year's Beijing Olympics, which just closed. What did Arab bloggers have to say about the world's premier sporting event and their country teams? Following are a few reactions.

Palestine: Saving water

  23 August 2008

Alajnabiya, an American Muslim living in Palestine, describes how she copes with constant water shortages in the West Bank. She says: “Much as I love flowers, flushing the toilets is a higher priority.”

Palestine: Boats break siege of Gaza

  23 August 2008

The latest news on the two boats attempting to sail to the Gaza Strip as an act of solidarity is that they have reached Gaza, despite earlier warnings that they might not be permitted to do so. Bloggers have reacted to the action with both excitement and concern.

Jordan: Al Aqsa Mosque Picture

  22 August 2008

Jordan's Jazarah posts a 39-year-old photograph of “Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem, Palestine after an Israeli attack that caused a big fire, leading to major damage in the Mosque.”

MENA: Refused Gaza Fulbright students speak

  22 August 2008

A few weeks a group of students from the Gaza Strip who were due to go to the United States on Fulbright scholarships had their visas revoked at the last moment. Two of the students who were denied the chance to pursue their studies have since written heartfelt letters pleading their case.

Egypt: Death of Three Arab Cultural Icons

  19 August 2008

The Arab world lost three of its cultural icons in the spam of a month. They are Egyptians philosopher Dr Abdelwahab El Mesery and film maker Yousef Chahine and Palestinian poet Mahmood Darwish. Egyptian Blogger, ElGharep, or The Stranger, reflects on the loss in this post [Ar].

Palestine: Is literature in Gaza dead?

  17 August 2008

With the death of Mahmoud Darwish, the Arab world has mourned the loss of one of its greatest poets. However some Palestinians have been critical of Darwish. One Gazan blogger can't understand this, and he asks what has happened to literature and creativity in Gaza today.

Palestine: Countdown for the War on Iran

  14 August 2008

Palestinian Haitham Sabbah predicts the countdown for the war on Iran has started – following news of a massive build up of naval forces in the Gulf. Sabbah urges his readers to sign an anti-war petition.

Jordanian Bloggers Mourn Palestinian Poet Mahmoud Darwish

  11 August 2008

The Jordanian blogosphere has been mourning the great Palestinian poet, Mahmoud Darwish, who passed away from complications due to open-heart surgery at the age of 67 this week. For Jordanians, Darwish was more than just a master of words. He is perceived as an ambassador and champion of the Palestinian...

Arabeyes: Mourning for Mahmoud Darwish

  9 August 2008

Bloggers around the Arab world mourned the death of Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish yesterday. Scores of posts appeared online in Arabic and English even before news of his death was officially confirmed.

MENA: Visas of Fulbright scholars revoked

  9 August 2008

Earlier this week three Palestinians, recipients of prestigious Fulbright scholarships to study in the United States, had their visas revoked by the US, preventing them from taking up the scholarships. A fourth, a high-school student on a separate programme, was also stopped. Yet two and a half months ago, US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice had personally intervened to make sure that the grant winners would be able to go. Why the last-minute change of heart? Bloggers from around the Middle East have a number of theories.

Palestine: The children who forgot how to have fun

  9 August 2008

The situation in the Gaza Strip has affected every aspect of life, and every age group. Blogger Samaher Al Khazandar describes the difficulties a kindergarten had when trying to hold a party at the end of the school year. But can children living in war zones enjoy their childhood?

MENA: Obama's Muslim Outreach Coordinator Resigns

  8 August 2008

Mazen Asbahi, the attorney who had volunteered as Barack Obama's outreach coordinator to Muslim and Arab-Americans, has resigned after accusations of ties to Jamal Said, an imam at a fundamentalist mosque in Illinois. Asbahi briefly sat on the board of Allied Assets Advisors Fund with Said in 2000. Bloggers from the Middle East react in this post from Jillian York.

Palestine: No Peace for Ahmed Moussa in Life or Death

  4 August 2008

Mourners waited by the thousands for the funeral of Ahmed Moussa, the young boy killed early this week by Israeli soldiers during a protest in Nilin. A peaceful funeral for the young boy was not to be, however, and before the the day was over, another young man fell. Jillian York reviews the Palestinian blogosphere for reactions.